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What drinks are offered to the Orishas?

Addimú drinks

In the yoruba religion Each Orisha has her favorite offerings, also her own plants, flowers, attributes, and foods. Although most of the addimú (offerings) that we know of are food, drinks are also provided to the deities.

All these offerings and elements of nature as a whole form ties between us and the Orisha, because it establishes a special connection through the offering.

When to make offerings to the Orishas?

To provide an addimu to an Orisha you do not necessarily have to be in trouble, it is offered from the heart so that the Orisha knows that you care for him, you consent to him, that you respect him, that you are grateful that he is in your life and for that energy to enter both get stronger every day.

The action of gratitude to the Orisha that we do through her tastes and offering her Addimú (offerings) also strengthens the feelings of good protection, health, stability and tranquility in our life, we must never stop being grateful to our deities.

The offerings are made when the orisha or the dead person has requested it through a consultation, although many times we are guided by our intuition, wanting to provide what we know the deity likes.

Remember that there are also taboos for the orishas, ​​that is, elements, be they plants, drinks or foods that are to the liking of the deities and their offer may annoy you.

Addimú of drinks for the Orishas:

Just as it is valuable for us to know the tastes of each Orisha, it is also important to know how to prepare their food and drinks properly.

Here are some of the main drinks offered to the Orishas and Eggun, in the first column their name is presented in Yoruba.

Adimu Ohun Mimu (beverages) beverage  Orisha
 Anise      Oshosi, Obatala, Oddua

Asará ekó or Saraeko

Water, cornmeal, honey, prodigious herb and cascarillaThese components cannot be absent, but cocoa butter, brandy, milk and white sugar are also mixed.    To all the Orishas and Egguns
Emu Unsalted white dry wine  Eleggua, Babaluaye,
Aggayú, Shango

Ekó gboná or ekó mimú  

Atol (corn flour dissolved in milk and spices such as cinnamon and others are added) of cornstarch  All the orishas
mimú eko omondé  Soursop champola, Anón or Cherimoya       Obatala, Oddua

Mimu shinkafá Horchata (sugary drink) of rice Obatala, Oddua

Amati mimuSesame horchataObatala, Oddua

 Almond Horchata Obatala, Oddua

oje ireke     Guarapo (juice of caña)Eleggua, Ogun
oje bara        Melon juice     Yemaya, Olokun, Oyá

 Eggnog with red wine and cinnamon     Nana Buruku
 Red wine      Shango, Aggayu, Oyá
Osayin Gari  Cassava flour atol  Obatalá, Oddúa, Shango, Dada, and Aggayú
Omí gboná / omí dudu  Café    egguns

otiSchnappsOgun, Eleggua, Oshosi
shekete Fermented sour orange drink All the Orishas   

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