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Do you want to unblock paths? Addimú to Changó to attract prosperity

Addimú Chango

As religious, whenever something happens to us on our path and these get stuck, we turn to our Orishas to overcome those difficulties that disturb us.

In this case we will appeal to the King of the Rule of Osha-Ifá, Shangó, who represents lightning and thunder, virility, fire and dance when the drums sound.

This is a fairly simple offering (Addimú) to Changó and we will use corn flour as the main element that this Orisha likes so much.

The flour has spiritual properties very beneficial as:

  • promote fertility,
  • restore vitality,
  • enhances prosperity and luck,
  • attracts economic luck
  • Above all, it helps us when the paths have many obstacles.

Ingredients for Addimú a Changó:

  • Big dish
  • Raw cornmeal
  • 6 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • Corojo butter
  • 6 coins in circulation of any denomination in your country
  • 6 Bay leaves
  • 2 candles
  • 6 cents (six pennies)

What is the preparation of this ritual?

  1. First, on a plate you put a handful of corn flour, a handful of brown sugar and a little corojo butter.
  2. The corojo butter must be abundant so that the mixture is compact, and you can make six little balls and they do not disintegrate.
  3. When they are well done, you introduce a coin in each of them, the coin must remain inside, this helps us to bring abundance.
  4. You put a bay leaf on top of each little ball, which is a very powerful element that wards off bad energies.
  5. Then you light the two candles and give Shangó knowledge of what you offer and the problems you want to solve in your life.
  6. To invoke it you can make this beautiful prayer:

Short but powerful prayer to unlock and open paths with Changó

Great warrior, king, and brave Yoruba who undoes injustice.

Today I thank you for each of the blessings you offer me and those I love in this life.

We beg you with all our hearts that you never forsake us with your great power.

We ask your forgiveness for all the wrongs and mistakes we have made, give us wisdom to make good decisions and strength to face obstacles.

Fill us with good luck, prosperity and fortune, but above all with a lot of health to move forward.

Avoid all evil, witchcraft, stagnation and frustration on our paths; so that we can advance with your blessing free of osogbos and enemies, we trust in your great warrior power. Ashe.

We finish the ritual after 6 days:

This addimú will be 6 days at the foot of Shangó, every day you must light the candles for a little while until the time of the offering ends.

At the end you must deposit everything at the foot of a palm tree that is where Shangó lives in nature, from there the great warrior protects and cares for us.

Along with the offering you also leave the 6 cents of right, you can clean yourself with them if you want starting with the head and ending with the feet.

Remember to perform this Addimú to Changó with great faith in the orisha warrior, without faith we will not achieve anything. May the blessing of Kabiósilé come into your life today and always! 

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