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Addimú at the foot of Orisha Oko to make the special request you want

Addimú with Orisha Oko

A very nice and effective offering (Addimú) for Orisha oko is the one that I offer you today.

Orisha Oko personifies the farmer that does not stop and is very hard-working, it appears with folds because by day it is very pure and at night it is a spirit, it is death.

It is the Yoruba deity who brings us daily sustenance, prosperity and fertility are asked of him, everything that is born and grows emanates from him, many women ask them to resolve disputes and love situations.

With this work we can thank and make a special request to the orisha, always with faith. Let's not forget to ask for health, because it is the most important thing in life.


  • Yam, sweet potato or potato
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn
  • molasses of caña
  • 7 flags (for example 3 red and 4 white for the colors that represent it)
  • 2 candles

El Sweet potato, as we know it in Cuba, it has different names: sweet potato, sweet potato or sweet potato.

The flags can be made at home with paper or fabric, and as a base we can use a branch of a plant or tree. They are very simple to make.

How do you do this work on behalf of Orisha Oko?

To consider: In this Addimú with Orisha Oko you should NOT wash any food or fruit that you are going to use, be it yam, potato or sweet potato.

The amount will correspond to the size you want to make the balls.

  1. First you peel the fruits that you are going to use and put them to boil. When it is boiled, you lower it from the heat and let it cool.
  2. In a plate you put smoked jutía, smoked fish and toasted corn and add the boiled fruits and mix everything as a puree.
  3. You make 7 balls and put them on a plate at the foot of Orishaoko, and on top of each ball you pour molasses.aña.
  4. Then you put red and white flags on each ball, alternating colors.
  5. You light 2 candles and you can say these words from the heart and a lot of faith.

Short prayer to Orishaoko:

Blessed are you Orisha Oko
Here is your daughter / son (you say your name) asking for your blessing
Here I leave you from Addimú (you say the ingredients that you put to give him knowledge)
With 7 flags so that protection and prosperity come to my home (you can ask here what you want)
Maferefun Orisha Oko!

  • We will have this work for 7 days, after this period we will take it to a field or a mountain and we will leave it there, thanking his deity and asking for many good things for our lives.

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