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Addimú of rice pudding for Obatalá

rice pudding for obatala

ObatalaKing of all and miraculous father, who brings us health and everything we ask for with faith and love. His mercy is so great that it alleviates sadness, heals the sick, offers humility and advice in their wake. The rice pudding in this work will be dedicated to the father of all: Obatalá.

And it is that Baba (father) loves all the offerings that have white, which is the pure color that represents it, among them, rice is his favorite.

This food has been widely used since ancient times, it is synonymous with abundance, fertility, progress and protection.

We will make our offering with ingredients that Obbatalá likes and is his, elements that like rice are magical in works for the bonanza.

Prepare the offering to Obatala:

This work is to achieve prosperity, development, abundance and with it health, love and all the good that the mercy and goodness of our father can offer us.

Ingredients you need:

  • Rice pudding (prepared dessert)
  • White plate
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cascarilla
  • 2 white candles
  • 8 cents 

How do you do the Addimú to Obatalá?

  1. You must first prepare the rice pudding, then you take the portion you want to offer and place it delicately and carefully on a white plate.
  2. On top you sprinkle grated cocoa butter and then cascarilla powdered.
  3. Once the elements have been placed, the addimú is ready to be placed at the foot of Obatala as an offering.

In case you are not crowned it does not matter, you can do it anyway. Remember to place it in a clean and high place, not on the floor.

  1. Light your 2 candles and while talking to Obatalá about your order and say:

Baba Obatalá here is your daughter / or (your name) paying tribute to you and offering this humble offering (you say your offering)

I ask for your blessing and thank you for protecting me

I ask your intercession for (petition)

Thanks for everything Baba!

If it is difficult for you to talk with Obatalá, I recommend you read this post:

  1. You leave that adimú for 8 days, and then it will go to the hill with 8 cents, with which you will clean yourself before removing that work from the foot of Obatalá.

Recommendations when making the offering for Obatalá:

When you go to perform this work in Obatalá, I recommend wearing white clothes so that through the color of our father we connect with his spirituality and peace.

Pick a time of day that you can meditate and converse with the orisha, without haste, in a relaxed way.

Sometimes it is difficult to try to be alone in the house, because we live as a family, but try to make this a moment of absolute tranquility, where there are no interruptions, so that the work can be carried out without obstacles.

Remember that rice pudding is only for Obatalá, it is a work dedicated to him, other people should not eat this addimú.

Make the work as beautiful as possible, give your dedication and be meticulous, do not forget that it is a gift to the orisha, it must be presentable and given with much love.

I sincerely hope that your request is granted and that it reaches health, peace and tranquility, blessings.

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