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Food Offerings for the Orishas≫ Addimú Onjé

Offerings for the orishas

Adimu is what is offered and dedicated to Orishas, with the purpose of obtaining a favor or to secure it if you already have it in gratitude.

Adimú are a means of communication that men have with our Orishas and ancestors and this union facilitates harmony in our lives.

When consulting the Oracle of Diloggún, this adimú could well be "yale tesi tesi" which means firmness or se, since that Iré is firm, it is complete, or "cotoyale" which is the opposite, they give you Iré but incomplete.

What is an addimú?

Adimú is said to him when that offering is placed at the foot of the Orisha who has procured it.

In the word Aladimú, the prefix Al means extensive or covering, therefore when that offering is large and varied (flowers, fruits, sweets, food etc.) it must cover the Orisha's tureen completely, and it is covered with cloth according to the color of the deity and specific days that be marked in consultation.

Offerings for the orishas:

Varied and diverse are the offerings to the Orishas, ​​from fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, to the animals that are dedicated to the deities when you want to speak with them, attend to them and venerate them.

Many have also been the changes in the ingredients of adimuses because when slavery, Africans had other species in their native African lands, and when they arrived in America they had to adopt other forms of culture.

Since the same plants, animals and foods did not exist, they resorted to looking for similarities for their ingredients and looking for new alternatives to honor their deities.

Don Fernando Ortiz said that "The Ceiba replaced the Baobab and tobacco for Incense". The brandy and corn and many more were added, elements that remained in that process of transculturation where they had to hide their beliefs. 

Addimú of meals:

Adimu Onje refers to the "Meals" offered to the Orishas, ​​below we show some of the prepared foods with which they are venerated in the cult of the Yoruba deities.

XXChickpea doll (tortillas)egguns
XXRoast beefOggún, Aggayú and Oddúa
XXShortbread cookies with corojo butterAggayu
XXBoiled viands in the shellOrishaoko
AbaraFace bean tamales in the shell with annatto and dried shrimpShango and Aggayú
Adalu 1Red bean tamalesOyá
Adalu 2Red bean and baby corn tamalesChoose and Oyá
Adalu 3 Corn and red bean stew, I add ripe plantain or yamOyá, Shango, Aggayu
Agbadó hissedBoiled baby cornAll the Orishas
Agbadó SisunRoasted baby cornElegguá, Ogun, Oshosi, Babalú Ayé, Aggayú
AgidiSweet ball of fermented cornmealAggayu, Oyá
Aká / Akará oyimboBreadObatalá, Oddúa and all the Orishas
Aká ti emu 1Tower of crumbled bread in milk with cocoa butter and cascarillaobbatala
Aká ti emu 2Crumbled bread balls in milk with cocoa butter and cascarillaDadá
BoohooFish balls with red sauce and gofioYewa
AkalaTamale with sweet corn, pumpkin and eggOshún and Oba
AkaraBean bun faceYemaya, Oshun, Oyá, Olokun
Akará agbadó / LapatáCorn frittersOshun, Inle
Akará awonYam and okra frittersObatala, Oddua
Akará chosenPumpkin frittersOshun, Inle
Akara funle 1 Shelled bean tamalito with unsalted okraObatala, Oddua
Akara funle 2Shelled face bean tamales with okra, salt and bijaShango, Aggayú and Dadá
akara ikokoMalanga frittersOlokun, Yemaya, Inle
AkasaWhite threshed corn tamalesObatala, Oddua
AmalaYam flourShango, Dada, Obatalá, Oddúa
Amala ilaFlour and okra served side by side (not cooked together) Shango, Aggayú
Amala LukumiCornmeal in casserole  Shango, Aggayú
Amala ogedéThick banana soup (can have beef or pork)  Aggayu
AmountedCorn flour cooked with consommé, guinea meat and ginger Babalu Aye
AshossoCorn cooked with garlic and onion sauceoshosi
Ede    Spicy shrimps  Oshun, Oba, Orunmila
Egbo Boiled white threshed corn Obbatalá, Oddua
egbojá  Finished corn with dried shrimp or pork Yemaya, Olokun
Ejá bo `tí adóSnapper in red sauce with gofio Yewa
Aja bo 1     Snapper in red sauce   All the orishas except Obbatalá
Aja bo 2     Snapper in green sauceInle, Yemayá, Olokun
Eja bo   Snapper fried in shea butter (in Cuba replaced by cocoa butter with efún «cascarilla» and white onions)  obbatala
eh gbigbe   Herring     Elegguá, Babalú Ayé, Naná Burukú
Eja sisún   Grilled snapper   Elegguá, Oggún, Oshosi, Orishaoko, Babalú Ayé
Eko         Yellow corn tamales   All the orishas
Ekurú plowed    Face bean tamale with shell Yemaya, Olokun
Ekurú or kudurú   Shelled bean tamales    Obbatalá, Oddua
I chose       Pumpkin boiled and served with honey and sprinkles on topOshun, Egguns
Ení adie 1         Eggs  Oshun
Ení adie 2     Boiled eggs   Orishako
Come by, you bean    Boiled eggs with sliced ​​onions  Nana Buruku
They were eledé      Chicharrones or fried pork dumplings  Yemaya, Olokun
They were eledé sisún  Roast porkOggun, Babaluayé, Yemayá Olokún
They were bad          Stewed meat   Oggun, Oyá
They were malú sisúnRoast  Oggun, Aggayu, Oyá
I was (ewa)   Beans   Babalu Aye
Ere 1         Carita bean with porkYemaya, Olokun
Ere 2       Carita bean with dried shrimp or fish  Oshun, Oba, Inle, Yewa
Ere 3       Face bean with vealAggayu
Eré dudu  Black bean doll (tortilla)  Oggun, Babalu Ayé, Olorishas
I'll be fun  White bean doll (tortilla)    Obbatalá, Oddua
I was otilí     Pigeon peas stewed with pork      Yemayá, Olokún, Babalú Ayé
I will be pukpa gangan    Red bean doll (tortilla)    Oyá, Shango
I will be pukpa keké    Small red bean stew  ibeyis
Ewo    Yam balls with salt and corojo butter  Oddua, Elegguá
Fufu    Plantain balls with pork or shrimp, salt, lard or corojo butter   Aggayu
Gbagura     Okra beaten by hand  Shango, Aggayú
Gbugburu   Corn flakes   Elegguá, Babalú Ayé, Naná Burukú, Ibeyis
Igbereke    Ladybugs               Yemayá and Olokún
Ishin    Vegetable brains sautéed in olive oil, garlic and onion    Obbatalá and Oddúa
Ishu sisé 1    Boiled yam balls without saltObbatalá, Oddúa and all the orishas
Ishu sisé 2     Boiled yam steak without salt    obbatala
Ishu sisun     Whole roasted yam       All the orishas
Iyan'miyan  Meats and meats of all kinds stewed, when they are about to be cooked, a chicken is sacrificed and the meat is addedAll the orishas.
Kunkunduku pukpa sisé  Boiled yellow sweet potato balls  Yemayá, Inle, Oshún, Oshumaré, Yewá
Kunkunduku hissed   Boiled sweet potato balls    Yemayá, Obbatalá, Odduá
Kunkundukú sisún   Whole roasted sweet potato   Elegguá, Oggun, Oshosi
mai mai 1     Carita beans and corn stewed with dried shrimp Oshun, Oba
mai mai 2    Carita beans and corn stewed with ternillaAggayu
mai mai 3       Carita beans and corn stewed with beef  Oggun, Aggayu
Malagidi        Taro balls with garlic, onion, or olive oil sauce   egguns
Obé ilá `tí edé    Okra soup with shrimp   Both
Obé ilá`tí erán gbigbé or erán eledé Okra soup with jerky or porkShango, Aggayú
obe kalalu   Kalalú, (soup with okra and pumpkin, taro leaves, purslane and other vegetables)Shango
Ogede hissed  Boiled ripe banana ballsIbeyis Aggayú, Inle, Oshun, Oba
ogedé sisun  Roasted banana   Oggun, Aggayu
Ogidi    Pumpkin seed soup  egguns
Olele            Shelled bean tamale with bijol or coloring Oshun, Oba
omolokun  Doll (tortilla) of carita beans and corn with dried shrimp  Oshun, Inle
Oshinshin  Swiss chard, spinach, or other veggie with dried shrimp, eggs, and seasonings Oshun
Oshínshín'fin 1  Swiss chard, spinach or fig with egg whites, garlic and onion Obbatalá, Oddua
Oshinshin'fin 2     Scrambled egg whites with garlic and onions Obatala Oddua
Shinkafá `you edé     Rice with shrimp   Oshun, Oba, Orunmila
Shinkafá `tí eré dudu      Moors and Christians  Babaluayé, Naná Buruku
Shinkafá `tí ré    Rice with gandules and pork  Yemaya, Olokun
Shinkafá `tí ré  Rice with red beans   Oyá
Shinkafá `tí sesé  Sesame rice    egguns
Shinkafá `tí'gbín  Rice with slugs   Obatala, Oddua
eyin shinkafa      Yellow rice       Oshun
Shinkafá eyín you goodbye Chicken rice      ibeyis
Shinkafa funfun     White rice       Obbatalá, Oddua
I amún lerí eledé kalalú   Ajiaco with pork head and other meats  egguns 

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