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On Oshun's Day an Addimú with 5 towers to entertain her with faith

Addimú day of Oshun

Oshun is the deity of love in the Yoruba religion, the goddess of honey, of the beautiful, of the sweetness, of the charm, of the sensual. 

This beautiful deity embodies beauty and life, happiness and sadness, between her laughter and her tears different feelings are kept, sometimes when she laughs she suffers and when she cries she lives.

The day of Oshún in the Osha Ifá rule It is September 12, a day to worship her, make offerings to her and, above all, thank her for all the blessings she gives us. On September 8 we also celebrate it, but because of its syncretism with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

This work is very beautiful and with the ingredients we will make some towers in your name to thank you and as always help us get ahead, it is effective and in addition to the elements that we mentioned, it only requires a lot of faith and joy.

Although this addimú (offering) is given to her today on Oshún's day, we can also give it to her whenever we want, she will always receive it with love.


  • Plateau
  • Potatoes (potatoes), yams or sweet potatoes (sweet potato)
  • Carrot
  • yellow cornmeal
  • Corojo butter
  • Honey
  • Colored dragées (small edible candy, usually in the form of a ball)
  • 5 cents
  • 2 candles
  • 5 small yellow flags

How to prepare this offering to Oshun?

It depends on the size of the towers you want to make, you will choose the amount of potatoes, yams or sweet potatoes to cook (you only have to choose one of these 3 fruits), for example I made the work with potatoes and carrots.

  1. First you boil the fruit you have chosen and the carrot.
  2. Wait for them to be well cooked and soft, then remove them from the heat and let them cool.
  3. Then you strain everything well so that there is not much water left and it is easier for you to make the mixture and that the towers are solid and do not fall.
  4. With your hands very clean and before adding a little perfume for your personal use, you begin to knead the mixture until you obtain a compact mass.
  5. While you knead you gradually add yellow cornmeal to make the dough harder.
  6. Añaof a little honey (the tip of a spoon) and corojo butter.
  7. When you already have the mixture very compact, then you start to make the 5 towers and you will put them on another plate when they are ready.
  8. When you have the towers already made, you put the yellow flags on their tips.

In this ritual, the towers and the flags are symbols of power to achieve what is desired, have abundance and climb our goals.

How to make the flags for this ritual?

  • You can make the flags at home with sticks and yellow cloth or paper.
  • Choose some wood or sticks from some plant for the base of the flag, and for the upper part use some material that is yellow, or if not, then you can paint it.

We continue the realization of the work:

  1. With delicacy you will be sticking dragees above the towers.
  2. Then you pour honey on top of them, but not too much, because they tend to break down (by pouring too much honey and leaving the dough soft, the towers fell off and I had to put them back together, that's why it's important that the dough stays hard and put little honey).
  3. Deposit the 5 cents previously washed and covered with honey in a part of the plate where there is space, these symbolize prosperity.
  4. You light the candles at the foot of Oshun and ask for your blessing, remember to give knowledge of what you are offering.

Tips for completing this offering:

By performing the ritual and each one of the 5 days that this work lasts, you can dedicate this beautiful prayer to Oshun.

If you want to do the work and do not have Oshún received, you can do it, only you will put her offering in a high, clean and organized place in your house, for example, on top of a piece of furniture.

Every day you must light the candles for a while until the fifth day that you will remove it and deposit it in the river, do not forget to talk with it and give thanks for everything together with its sweet waters.

May the blessing of Oshun come into your life with health, love and luck!

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