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Addimú to Elegguá and Oshún: Attracts spiritual and economic prosperity

Addimú Elegguá and Oshun

With this offering (addimú) In the name of Elegguá, the owner of the roads, and Oshún, the queen of love, we are going to give thanks for the blessings, and achieve both spiritual and economic evolution.

As this addimú is to work at the foot of Elegguá and Oshún and achieve our growth, we must know that the most important thing is to have faith, love and a lot of positive intention.

Elegguá and Oshun are good friends in the Rule of Osha (Santería), they always walk together, the owner of the roads goes hand in hand with the owner of the riches and the rivers open paths.


In this ritual you can put several ingredients (you can use the ones you have), the more elements the better, that is, in diversity, not quantity, but if you don't have them, nothing happens, the important thing is the intention.

The main fruit of this offering will be the pumpkin (squash), if it is round, the better and its size will vary depending on the size of your Elegguá, since we will place it inside the fruit.

  • 1 Pumpkin
  • Sweets and candies (different sugar treats)
  • Assorted nuts, can be almonds, sunflower seeds, dates, figs, peanuts.
  • Foods that represent abundance such as orange peel, rice, cornmeal.
  • Honey bee
  • 2 candles
  • 8 cents (eight pennies)

How to prepare this offering with Elegguá and Oshun?

I am of the opinion that any person with faith can make an offering to the Orishas, but in this case to offer this ritual you must have Elegguá received, because his representation must be placed inside the fruit.

  1. First you open the pumpkin horizontally, that is, from the part where the stem goes, so that it looks like a container with a lid.
  2. Then you take out all the dough and seeds from inside the fruit with the help of a spoon.
  3. You put Elegguá inside the pumpkin and on top of it you start to add the ingredients you have, for example, nuts, candies, sweets, rice, and any element or cereal that attracts prosperity and development.
  4. Then you pour plenty of honey on top.
  5. When ready, place the gourd on top of a mat in front of Oshun.

Light the two candles and you will give account to both Orishas of the addimú that you offer, give thanks and share with them what you need, they always know what is needed in your life, have faith.

After 5 days we culminate this ritual in the river:

  • This addimú will be for 5 days in a row in front of Oshun.
  • Every day you must light the candles for a while, for as long as you thank him and ask for.
  • On the fifth day you go to the river, and being there you take Elegguá out of the pumpkin, and put it on the shore.
  • You call Oshún with the bell and pour a little honey in her waters, inside the pumpkin you put 5 cents and put it in her waters so that she can take it away.
  • You clean yourself with three cents in front of Elegguá (from head to toe) and leave them on the riverbank.

In this sacred place, natural temple of Oshún, you will wash Elegguá with the waters of the river.

Conversation with the Orishas is very important, no matter what language you speak, it only matters that it is from the heart.

Remember: The Orishas always appreciate what you give them with love, humility and faith.

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