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Addimú at the foot of the Jimaguas Ibeyis: Keep enemies and envy away from your life

Addimu Jimaguas

The Jimaguas or Ibeyis in the Yoruba Pantheon they represent prosperity, luck, development and fortune, the good of the roads and the power of the benevolent.

These little Yoruba orishas who defeated the devil are capable of saving from death, and are always found on the paths of the mountains protecting walkers.

As they are saviors, merciful and deities of great strength who help the unprotected in the most difficult moments, we are going to entrust ourselves to their powerful energy.

How many times have you felt stagnation because the enemy and the evil that it causes does not let you move forward?

Well, with the purpose of overcoming difficulties along the way, we will make this offering or Addimú to the Jimaguas Ibeyis.

The mamey colorado is a fruit that in the Osha or Santería Rule belongs to Shangó the king of fire, but it is also a fruit that the Ibeyis like.

  • The work is very simple and with faith you will solve everything you propose and ask for, even without the Jimaguas, you can make this offering in your name.


Fruit of the Mamey

  • Brown paper (cartridge paper)
  • Graphite pencil
  • 2 Mameyes
  • Corojo butter
  • 2 white ribbons
  • 1 blue ribbon
  • 1 pink ribbon
  • 2 plates
  • 2 Candles
  • 4 cents

How to prepare this Offering or Addimú with the Jimaguas?

  1. To begin the ritual, take the butcher paper and with your hands tear two elongated strips.
  2. In each one of them, you must write with graphite pencil the name of the person you want to keep away or who is hurting you (your enemy).
  3. First, with his hands, he must spread corojo butter on each paper, and then he will also spread it on both mameyes.
  4. Join or unite the paper with the name and the mamey, this procedure will be done first with one fruit and then with the other.
  • first mammy: When sticking the paper on the fruit, you should take a white and a blue ribbon, and tie them to the mamey in such a way that the paper remains attached and does not fall.
  • second mamey: Do the same as the first one, but this time you'll take a pink ribbon and a white ribbon.

Let us invoke the power of the Ibeyis:

When the fruits are ready, place each mamey separately on a plate and light the two candles in front of the Jimaguas.

To do this ritual you must trust in the power of the Ibeyis, ask for their blessing first, talk with them and explain your situation, but never ask for evil, they are in charge of doing justice.

Remember that faith is very important at all times, without it you will achieve little.

How long does this ritual with the Ibeyis last?

For 4 days you will have your offering in front of the Ibeyis and each day you will light the candles for a while, on the fourth day let them burn out completely.

  • Take the offering to the banks of the river or at the foot of a leafy tree so that the Ibeyis receive it, there you must leave your right of 4 cents in their name.

Remember that it is very valuable to make this Addimú for the Jimaguas with great faith in its power, may its blessing reach you, keep and protect you every day with health and love.

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