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How to overcome problems with an Addimú to Oshosi? open your ways

Addimu Oshosi

Oshosi in the Yoruba Pantheon He is a hunter, warrior, sorcerer and a powerful Orisha, to whom we offer today with all the faith and love of our hearts.

We must know that regardless of the Orisha we offer, when an Addimú (offering) is placed with humility we will always be victorious.

This Addimú that we will give to the great Oshosi apart from overcoming problems and opening a safe path, serves both to offer and give thanks.

Being grateful is a virtue that we must practice every day.

This work or ritual is simple and even if you do not have the received warriors you can ask the determined and righteous Oshosi for his help.

We entrust ourselves to his power since he is the one who represents divine justice, he never allows injustice and therefore you cannot ask anyone for evil either, always good, he takes care of the rest.


Addimú Oshosi with grenadines
Fruit: pomegranates
  • 2 clay or white plates
  • Cotton
  • 3 small pomegranates or one large (see photo above)
  • 1 candle
  • Anisette
  • grenadine liqueur

How to prepare this offering with Oshosi to overcome obstacles and open paths?

  1. In a clay or white plate, put a pomegranate cut into three pieces or 3 small pomegranates chopped in half.
  2. On the other plate you put a thin base or cotton bed and on top you place the Oshosi arrow.
  3. Then you light a candle to the warrior asking for what you want to achieve.
  4. Once the candle is lit, you ask for Oshosi's blessing and you give him knowledge of the Addimú that you deposit on his behalf so that he can help you and intercede.
  5. Blow Oshosi anise liquor on the plate and over the pomegranates (on the other plate) pour little by little grenadine liquor, keep in mind that we will put only a little.

If you have the received warriors, keep in mind when placing the offering that the arrow (Oshosi's tool) should always point towards the entrance of the main door so that injustices do not arrive.

Note that the Oshosi tool is taken out on a separate plate from Oggun because the owner of the iron does not like anise liquor

What do we do next with this offering?

Keep in mind that you must light the candle for three days in a row while the work lasts, each day for a while, if you can around the same time and take the opportunity to talk with the Orisha.

On the third day you can remove your work, although you can also do it after 7 days, as long as the offering is not in poor condition.

You can wrap the rest in paper and take it to the mountain or inside a jungle and leave it there in the name of the orisha Oshosi.

Remember: Only the fruits and cotton are thrown away because Oshosi returns with Oggun in his cauldron.

May this work bring you many beautiful things, but above all love, health and a lot of justice so that the good paths open before you. Blessings.

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