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How to open paths with Oshun? An Addimú with 3 powerful elements

Addimú Oshun open paths

To Oshun, the Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon owner of our feelings and queen of love, we beg her to intercede for us and help us overcome difficult times, we place our trust in her and her motherly love.

In our life faith is very important, remember that nothing can be done without hope and trust, faith leads us to success.

So trust Oshun that she will open paths to prosperity, love and every aspect of your life that goes wrong.

We will dedicate this addimú (offering) to the Yoruba goddess Oshún to open paths that brings together three easy-to-find ingredients that we usually always have in our kitchen.

Spiritual meaning of the 3 elements of the ritual:

In this spiritual work on behalf of Oshun we will work with:

1. The egg, food that gives abundance:

Apart from being a nutritious food, it is also loaded with powerful symbolism, since it represents creation, fertility, the regeneration of life and is a cleanser of negative energies.

2. Parsley, purifying herb:

Not only is it a delicious condiment in the kitchen, it has also been used as a sacred herb since ancient times and is used for:

  • Improve health,
  • remove negative charges
  • attract money and luck,
  • cleanse and protect.

In the Yoruba pantheon it is an ewe (plant) that belongs to Oshun.

3. Honey, the nectar of love

It is Oshun's favorite drink and has many health properties.

It has the spiritual power to sweeten, attract positive things and open paths in life.


  • 2 candles
  • 1 white plate
  • 3 hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs (we will use only 5 halves)
  • sprigs of parsley
  • Honey
  • 5 cents

How to prepare this beautiful offering for Oshun?

  1. First you wash the eggs and parsley, to remove all dirt and negative energy.
  2. You light the two candles to Oshún and tell her these words or the ones that come from your heart.

Short prayer dedicated to mother Oshun:

Mother, here is your daughter / son (say your name) asking for your permission and blessing, thanking you for all the blessings you give me and begging you today to help me overcome all the problems and obstacles that I have on the way.

I ask you to choose the best for me and help me to be strong, give me health, sweetness, and abundance.

In you I trust, beautiful golden mother of the river.

  1. Place 5 egg halves in front of her on the white plate and put chopped parsley on top with your hands.
  2. Also add a little honey, when pouring it do it in favor of the hands of the clock.
  3. As you add parsley and honey to the eggs, you are going to talk with her about the problems you need to solve, don't forget to say thank you.
  4. This Addimú is left for 5 days in front of the representation of the Orisha, and in case you do not have it, place it in her name.

After these days you will take it to the river and let its clear waters take it away.

What can't you go? Don't you have a river nearby?

You can also leave it under a leafy tree, preferably wrapped in brown paper or cartridge, as it is known in Cuba.

Tips to keep in mind for a "special order"

This Addimú for Oshun has the intention of opening paths in life, whether in love, health, luck, prosperity, everything depends on our purpose and request in this ritual.

You can write your request or the name of the person involved on a piece of paper and put it on the plate before depositing the eggs and then continue the ritual process as is.

E.g., some cases:

  • For attraction in love, write the name of the loved person you want to attract.
  • If you need a job, put the name of who can give you a job, or is in charge of a situation that you need to solve.
  • Any other problem that needs to be unblocked, such as a sick person, or a delicate situation.

To consider:

  • The name or order will always be written on brown paper (kraft or cartridge) and with graphite pencil.
  • It should be written 5 times on the paper.
  • If you are Olorisha (santero) you can ask the Orishas how to proceed.

Many blessings to you And may the mantle of the Yoruba queen Oshún always take care of us, giving us love, health and much abundance of everything beautiful, with open roads and prosperity.

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