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Addimú cash to Oshun with honey and egg to attract blessings

Addimú to Oshun with honey

Oshun is the only Osha that can reach Olofin getting his approval, so we entrust ourselves to his power and energy when we need his help.

Also, she has the great protection of Elegguá, the owner of the roads, they are both bound by a close friendship, and together they are capable of overcoming the greatest obstacles.

In the Rule of Osha or SanteriaOshun represents fertility and love; As well as the energy of feelings, she is also the owner of honey and the spiritual power of it.

The Goddess Iyalorde of the Yoruba pantheon is related to the spiritual, the sensual, the delicate, the fine, the sweet; she has a direct link with femininity.

If you have faith in Oshún you will get what you set out to do, don't hesitate for a second, have security and faith in every step you take on her behalf.

Here I leave you an “Addimú” offering at the foot of Oshún with honey and other powerful elements, very nice and effective for her to help you, don't forget to thank her first.


  • 5 eggs
  • White or yellow plate
  • 2 white, gold or yellow candles
  • 5 small tablespoons of honey
  • 5 branches of Parsley, one of his plants in the Osha
  • 1 small teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • Colored or golden dragées (tiny candies used to decorate)
  • Brown sugar
  • 5 cents (five pennies each)

Offer to Oshun to get what you want in different aspects of your life

It is important that before you start you put the focus on that purpose you want to achieve.

Try to do this ritual, a day when you are in good spirits, or you are happy and with good energy, Oshun is a dire deity and you have to attend to her and invoke her with good humor, from gratitude, love and humility.

  1. The first thing you should do is separate the 5 yolks from the eggs, which is the number and mark of Oshún in the Osha (carefully so they don't break).
  2. Carefully, you put them on a plate that is white or yellow.
  3. Then chop the parsley leaves very small, to use them later.
  4. In front of Oshún you put the plate and light the two candles in her name.

The ritual How do you do it step by step?

When you have everything ready, ask for Oshun's blessing and give her knowledge of what you are going to do, that is, talk with her about the purpose you need to attract into your life.

While conversing with the beautiful golden goddess:

  • You will pour a small teaspoon of honey over each egg yolk, you will also pour the finely chopped parsley over the yolks, sprinkle cinnamon powder and finally add the colored or golden dragees.

Around the plate you will make a line with brown sugar to close the work.

  • If you don't have Oshun received, also you can do this ritual if you trust her and her power, put the offering in a high place, for example, on top of a piece of furniture, or in front of one of her representations if you have one.

How long will this ritual last?

This offering will be at the foot of Oshún for 5 or 15 days, depending on how long the work is preserved and preferably you should take it to the river, if you cannot leave it under a very leafy tree.

In the place you choose to leave this ritual, also take the 5 cents of right.

Remember that when performing this addimú to Oshún with honey you must have acceptance and understand that the perfect plan that the golden goddess has for you is powerful, and even much better than yours, that things do not go as you wish does not mean that it is not the right path. Have faith.

You can complement this work with a bath in the name of Oshun:

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