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Addimú for Elegguá How to refresh the path that prevents me from moving forward?

Addimú for Elegguá

Elegguá, the child of the Osha, the king of the roads who is in charge of closing and opening our destinies, tireless warrior and defender of his children.

We must always speak to the little giant with sincerity and faith, let us not ask evil for anyone, he is in charge of doing justice, the important thing is that we be humble and speak from the heart.

A powerful offering that will open the good paths in life

This Addimú (offering) for Elegguá is to refresh the path and remove what is in the way and is preventing you from moving forward, that which disturbs our tranquility.

Many difficulties arise in our daily walk, some we see others not, whether they are enemies, envies, impediments, illnesses, obstacles in the workplace or financial, love or family relationships.

This offering is for those paths to open and unfold, because it is Eleguá who holds the key to destiny, to our happiness, we must entrust ourselves to him and his power to help us.

Always remember that when we put all our faith Eleggua and all the forces of the Universe will put all their blessings on you.


  • 3 naranjas
  • 1 dish
  • Honey
  • Dragees
  • 1 candle
  • Schnapps
  • Tobacco
  • 3 cents

How can we prepare this offering to Eleguá?

  1. First you wash the three oranges and the stakes in half, but not completely, so that they are united a little.
  2. You put the oranges on the plate and inside one of the orange lids you add honey and dragees, and then close with the other half.
  3. Light the candle to Elegguá, blow brandy and tobacco smoke.
  4. And then you put the oranges on a plate in front of Elegguá, so that it gives us development and good things in life.

You ask Elegguá for your blessing, you thank him and talk to him. You can invoke it with the following sentence:

What do we do with the work later?

This addimú for Elegguá will be at the foot of the orisha for three days, lighting the candle for a while each day and on the third day you will carry that work with 3 cents of right to the mountain or manigua.

I sincerely hope that by making this offering you get all the good that you are looking for and that is positive for your life, a lot of health above all things, that the rest comes alone, Ashe.

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