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I offer you Eleguá so that you open my way a very effective Addimú

Addimú for Eleguá

This powerful Addimú (offering) for Elegguá Its first intention is to thank you for your blessings, and also to ask you to help us with your power to open the paths so that prosperity can come into our lives.

Elegguá is in the Rule of Osha the messenger of the Yoruba gods, is the beginning, but also the end of all paths, good and evil, as well as the birth and death of everything that exists.

When the paths are blocked, Eleguá is used to break down the obstacles and he will open for us, luck and good energy, and thus achieve what is desired.

Eleguá is very fair and likes to be offered with love and devotion, he is mischievous, rowdy and mischievous, he should always be asked for what is good and be fair with the requests.


  • Large plate or gourd
  • Cornmeal
  • Honey
  • cored butter
  • Paprika
  • 1 candle
  • Brandy and Tobacco
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Toasted corn
  • 3 cents

The procedure to follow in this ritual for Eleguá:

  1. To start this Addimú for Eleguá, in the jícara or plate you will put corn flour and a little honey, then you start to knead that mixture.
  2. Pour corojo butter and red paprika, and knead again until you have a compact dough and make 7 balls of that mixture.
  3. You light the candle to Elegguá, ask for his blessing, blow on brandy and tobacco smoke.

Prayer opens paths very powerful when lighting the candle to Eleguá

Now, activate your faith, your humility and love, and invoke the orisha with this beautiful and powerful prayer:

Give me your strong hand Elegua!

I invoke you in your magnificent power, to be the one to open and clear my paths.

I implore messenger of the gods and lord of the paths, remove any negative and bad influence from my life and destiny, remove any obstacle from my path and disappear all the evils that make walking heavy.

Today I ask you with all respect and humility to clear my warrior path Eleguá, companion of Eshu and Olofin, so that my walk is safe, firm and carefree.

Be my guide so that every step I take is always under your blessing and pleasure, be my light so that I never step wrong, be my protection and my shelter so that I am not the victim of traps and obstacles.

I (mention your name) will always act with gratitude, I will praise you, I will venerate you and I will exalt you. Listen to me, divine Elegua, Ashé. 

Presentation of the Addimú for Eleguá:

  • You present the jícara in front of Eleguá and over the balls you will add: smoked jutía, smoked fish and toasted corn.
  • You give Elegguá knowledge of what you offer him, that is, mention the components of the addimú and those favors you need from him.

At 7 days, each ball you leave in a different corner of the street, so that your paths open through them.

  • If you have received the Orisha and you know how to ask him, the ideal is to ask him where he wants the offering to go. so as not to be wrong.

Finally, you clean yourself with three cents on the seventh day (from head to toe) and leave them where you deposit the last ball.

May the blessing of the Orisha be with you always and that this Addimú for Eleguá gives you ashé, remember to ask above all for health, love, abundance and justice, the rest he is in charge of attracting him to your life.  

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