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Why is the Addimú the greatest offering for the Orishas?

Addimú for the orishas

Yoruba history tells that olofi Very upset and outraged by all the evil that was happening on earth, he withdrew his protection and helps human beings.

The Orishas tried in every way to intercede with Olofin and regain his indulgence for the men of the land.

Olofin received many sacrifices and offerings from the Orishas daily, but none had the power to move and impress him.

The birth of the Addimú as an offering to the deities:

Fruits as addimú for the orishas

The great mother Yemayá She had two sons named Addi and Imu (Yemayá's breasts) who for her meant her whole life and she carried them with great love.

But the mother of the waters was very concerned about what was happening on earth, and the poor fate of men without the protection of Olofin.

Due to her great nature as a mother, she consecrated the head of her children to Olofin so that in exchange for them she would grant forgiveness and blessing to the men of the earth.

Olofin was moved by such a beautiful attitude and maternal feeling and absolved the men of their punishment and said:

Addi and Imu, the inseparable children of Yemayá, she has offered me as an offering and for that I forgive them.

That was the most beautiful and uninteresting offering that the Creator had received, therefore, he declared that from this moment on:

"The Addimú is the greatest offering that is offered to me and the Orishas."

The goddess of the sea Yemayá who saved the destiny of Men ...

Yemayá, the great goddess of the sea, symbolizes the uterus as a source of fertility and motherhood, life itself, nature, wisdom. The Goddess of the world who is respected, admired and revered as the mother of all the children of the earth.

When Olofin created the world, she calmed the fire with her waters, this powerful Osha is the true carrier and owner of the snails.

When you feel sad go to the sea and call it with your greeting:

Omío Yemayá Omoloddé! Yemayá Ataramawa! 

Powerful Addimú that you can offer dedicated to the Orishas:

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