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2 White Towers, Addimús for Obatalá the owner of all heads

Addimú for Obatalá

Obatala He is one of the most powerful deities that rule the Yoruba Pantheon, he is the Orisha responsible for the creation of the universe. He is represented as an old man with totally gray hair. He is a righteous saint who advocates for peace to reign in the world.

It is represented with the color white, the tone of which the beads of its necklace, its receptacle, fabrics and clothes are composed. It is syncretized with the Virgen de las Mercedes and its festival is celebrated every year on September 24.

Addimú for Father Obatalá:

This deity is venerated through multiple offerings among which we find the white flowers, the cascarilla, coconuts, sandy fruits such as soursop and custard apple, milk, bread and rice pudding.

Yam tower for Obatalá:

The tower of malanga puree (yam) is an addimu paid to Obatala in order to pray for the health of a loved one.

Many are the rites that are performed with the blessing of Obatala in order to pray for the recovery of a sick person. The malanga puree tower is one of the addimus best received by this Orisha.

  1. It is prepared by cooking the malanga, once it has reached its cooking point it is crushed in order to obtain a pasty mixture that cannot be añaSay salt or dye.
  2. It is served on a plate simulating a tower.
  3. A white flag is placed on its tip.
  4. The offering is deposited on the mat, the kneeling religious lights two candles and apoyáTaking the agogó (bell) of the deity, he invokes it to ask for the health of the loved one.
  5. Once the prayer has been completed, the tower is placed in a high place and Obatalá is asked that in the same way that the offering was raised from the ground, the sick person is raised from his bed.
  6. This work is left for eight days, once these have passed, it is taken to the foot of a hill where the ritual ends.

Meringue tower for Obatalá:

The Merengue tower is offered to the Orisha of creation for spiritual peace.

The egg white meringue is one of Obatalá's favorite addimus and is also one of the best known to devotees. It is a very effective offering.

  1. A white meringue is made with egg white to which sugar can be added. Salt is an ingredient that this preparation should not have.
  2. Once it has reached the point of snow, it is placed in a white container and given a raised shape simulating a tower. This may or may not be covered with cotton.
  3. It is placed in a high place preferably next to the receptacle of the Orisha.
  4. On his knees, Obatalá is begged using the agogó, asking him to cover all the inhabitants of the home with his mantle and provide them with peace and patience.

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