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Addimú for Obbatalá Do you want to attract Health, Evolution and Peace to your soul?

Addimú for Obbatalá

Babá Obbatalá in the Yoruba Pantheon he is the owner of our thoughts, of our dreams, of our serenity, he lives on the tops of the mountainsañas and from there governs our heads.

You can give this offering or addimú to Baba so that he can sustain you with health and abundance, overcome difficulties and give us that tranquility that we all want to achieve.

  • If you have not received Obbatalá you can also offer it, but remember that faith is very important in everything we intend to do.


Procedure to make the offering to Obatalá

  1. To make this Addimú for Obbatalá we must first boil the yam until it is very soft.
  2. We should also boil a handful of rice until it is cooked.
  3. After both foods are ready, let them cool and put them on the white plate.
  4. Light the two candles to Babá, you must ask for his blessing and give knowledge of what you offer in his name.

Short prayer for Obatalá to give thanks and make a request

In this ritual you can pray like this to the old father of the Osha:

Baba king of kings here is your child (say your name) asking my father for your blessing
Owner of purity and everything white
I beg you today,love the wisdom to understand what you can't
Give me the patience and peace of mind and spirit that I need
Give me your blessing in every step I take in life
Give me your clear and pure light
Watch over me night and day
I trust in your sacred protective mantle my Father
(make request)
Maferefun Obbatalá!

We continue with the ritual:

We will do this work in front of Obatalá if we have received it or together with a representation or image of him.

  1. With your hands knead the yam until you have a puree and add the rice.
  2. Knead the ingredients again and add a little milk, be careful with the proportions so that it is not too liquid.
  3. Then you must make 8 balls of that kneaded dough, add little by little cascarilla and cocoa butter.
  4. Once the 8 balls are ready, put them on a clean white plate, add a little more cascarilla.

Tips to finish the work:

When the offering is ready, you present it to Baba and leave it in his name for 8 days.

  • After this time you must take it with 8 cents to a hill or mountainaña.
  • Every day you must light the candles for a while, take advantage of this moment to talk with the Orisha and ask him to help you, and above all thank him.
  • The 8 cents can also be inserted one into each ball if you prefer, and you take them like this to the mountain.  

May this Addimú for Obbatalá bring you good results, give you health and faith, and a lot of confidence so that you never lose hope in the blessings that the old father gives us.

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