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The Addimú for Oyá that will solve your financial problems

Addimú for Oyá

Oyá in the Yoruba Pantheon is the Orisha owner of the spark, of the rainbow, of the wind and its eddies, she is the air we breathe, we owe our existence on the earth plane to her, because without oxygen we cannot live.

Yanza, as it is also known in the Rule of Osha-Ifá habita at the gates of the cemetery and from there he leads and governs the Ikús (dead), in this spiritual plane his power is immense.

the deity of Oyá She is very righteous and protects her children as long as they show her respect and obedience, she is a warrior by nature and does not hesitate to go to battle for those she loves.

This addimú or offering He likes it very much and if you offer it to him with faith and love, you will surely get what you are looking for, just remember that if it does not reach you, it is because Oyá So she decides, only she knows the path that suits you, accept her word and move forward with the conviction that everything will be better.


  • 3 beets
  • White plate
  • Corojo butter
  • 9 guinea peppers
  • 2 candles (any color except black)
  • 9 cents

offering to Oyá to transform problems of economic solvency into doors to prosperity

Remember that you should not ask for money directly, that is the easy way, ask for health to be able to get that job that brings you closer to your achievements, ask for abundance so that your goals grow, strength so that nothing and no one stops you on the way to success, faith so as not to lose hope and love to enjoy the whole process.

How do we make this Addimú for Oyá Step by Step?

  1. First you must boil the beets, when they are soft you take them out and let them cool and then remove the shell.
  2. You must cut each beet into three parts, in total there will be 9 slices.
  3. Place all the beet slices on the plate and spread each one with corojo butter on both sides (do it with your hands).
  4. On top of each slice you will put an ataré (guinea pepper).
  5. Light the 2 candles at Oyá and uncover his tureen and on top you will put the plate with the addimú.
  6. ask for your blessing Oyá and talk to her (you can do the prayer that we share below during the 9 days).
  7. After 9 days you must take the addimú to the cemetery gate with 9 cents of right.

If you fully trust Oyá, but you have not received it, do this ritual anyway, I trust that the goddess will help you as long as you carry her in your heart.

short prayer dedicated to Oyá to beg your help

This prayer, my warrior goddess, we make it to ask for protection and help from your power, thank you.

Mi Oyá, the great warrior, Orisha of lightning and wind, who helps with her energy to overcome struggles and difficulties. Lady Queen of the Winds, protect us all.

Oyá, my lady of the winds and storms. I put in your hands everything that disturbs me, evil, my enemies, my shortcomings and difficulties, to beg you to bring good paths, luck, abundance and good health.

Give me today your powerful light so that I understand all the good that I must do and have the strength not to give in to the evil that tries to knock on my door, so that I can be more understanding and able to forgive those who hurt me.

Direct my steps along the path of good and love, and today more than yesterday we can all count on your guidance, with your blessing, with your love.

With your sword I will cut the demands of the envious, of the false, of the enemies, of the big eyes, who need to see the truth.

Give encouragement to those who suffer, with the strength of your rays, I beg you to light the flame of life for the disillusioned, give them strength to continue fighting in the cure of their ills, like me, who today I beg you from my humility ( make request).

Majestic Lady, in your protection, in your light, with words of love, I greet you:

Eparrey Oyá!

May Yansá's blessing always protect you!

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