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Addimú at the foot of Eleggua to unlock paths and open them with iré

Addimú foot of Eleggua

Elegguá is a very powerful Osha Among the deities of Yoruba mythology, he is considered the first protection within the Rule of Osha-Ifá.

He is also known as Eleguá, Ligua, Liwaa or Legua, he is the owner of the roads, and of destiny, who is in charge of opening and closing them, for that we owe him immense respect.

Elegguá is the first to eat in all religious ceremonies and also belongs to the warrior Oshas along with Oggun, Oshosi and Osun, he is recognized for being a very mischievous and mischievous boy.

If you ask Elegguá with respect and love, with his power he will solve your problems.

This path-opening ritual begs the orisha to give us health, first of all, luck, abundance and evolution in our lives, everything we need to be happy and achieve our destiny.

  • Even if you haven't received it You can rely on him and his offerings or "addimú", in which case you will put it behind the door, which is where he lives taking care of our homes.


  • 6 whole sardines
  • Corojo butter
  • White plate
  • Honey
  • Smoked hutia
  • Smoked fish
  • Schnapps
  • 1 white or red candle

How do you do it? Offering with Eleggua to have development and prosperity

  1. The sardines as you buy them, that is, whole, you must fry them with corojo butter. My advice is that they should be golden brown, but never burnt.
  2. To the white plate you pour honey and with your hands you spread it all over the plate.
  3. Place the already fried sardines on the plate in the most beautiful way possible, remember that it is a gift for the orisha.
  4. Put a little smoked jutia on top of the sardines and then smoked fish.
  5. Put the plate in front of Elegguá and light the candle, ask with faith for his blessing, blow brandy and tobacco smoke.
  6. You must give him knowledge of what you want to eliminate from your life and what you want to achieve.
  7. To talk to him and connect with his powerful energy you can use the prayer that we leave below.

Powerful prayer dedicated to the Orisha Elegguá:

I invoke the guardian spirit of the roads, Elegua.

Blessed Orisha owner of the keys of destiny. Tireless messenger who watches over the sacrifices made by the living and the dead. You know everyone and everything that exists between Heaven and Earth.

Pleading before you I call you to help me in all my vicissitudes.

Your name I cry three times so that your mercy may be the talisman that leads me to success.

Elegua blessed, come to my call.

Elegua blessed, listen to my request.

Elegua blessed, open my ways.

Three times I call you, three times I ask you, by the power of the messenger all the doors will open for me (Make an order).

There will be no enemy that can attack me, because Elegua has to confuse my opponents and they have to lose themselves in their own paths of betrayal and evil.

Skillful warrior that with your powerful Ashé you escape from any setback, emanate your virtue on my ori so that I can also escape dangers and adversities.

I greet and thank the spirit owner of the roads, we, your children in the world, offer you our respects and ask you for blessings, health and luck by putting our lives in your hands.

Father of mysteries, bring me good fortune always working in my favor and positively authorize all my offerings.

Ashe to Iban Eshu.

What do we finally do with the offering?

  • This work will be at the foot of Elegguá for 3 days, every day you must light the candle for a while in his name, take the opportunity to talk with his deity and pray to him.
  • On the third day he must take the offering with three cents to the mountain or the manigua, which is where this orisha lives in nature. 

Remember to do this addimú foot of Elegguá with much love and faith in his power, if you trust him, nothing and no one can take away what belongs to you in this life, many blessings to you.

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