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An Addimú to Shango with mamey for the development in our life

Addimú Shango

When you feel lost and everything falls on you, go to the foot of Shango With this addimú (offering) and beg him that he will solve your problem for you.

Yes indeed! You must have a lot of faith and will to carry out the works and do all the steps with the conviction that you will achieve it with the intervention of Shango.

Shango is the King of drums in the Yoruba pantheon, he is the Orisha of lightning and his voice is thunder, he is the prototype of manly beauty, he is brave and a great warrior, he gives everything for his children.

We will make this addimú with the red mamey fruit that belongs to Shango, it is its owner in Santeria.

What fruit does Shango like?

The king of kings likes fruits such as delicious mango, especially red apples, bananas and mamey, a fruit that we will use in this offering.

If we wish to present you your favorite fruits as an offering, we smear them with corojo butter and blow dry wine so that you will receive it with pleasure.

Ingredients for this work on behalf of Chango:

  • Mamey colorado
  • White plate
  • Cornmeal
  • Rice
  • Coconut water
  • Honey
  • 6 small alum stones
  • 2 candles
  • White cloth
  • Red cloth
  • 6 cents

How to do the ritual with mamey to Shango to evolve?

  1. You take out the seed from the red mamey and put it on a white plate, inside you add corn flour for development, rice for prosperity, coconut water, a teaspoon of honey and 6 small stones of alum.
  2. You light the candles to Shango, you ask for his blessing, you give him knowledge of who you are and what you are giving him as an offering.
  3. Every day for 6 days you must light these candles to give assistance to the work.
  4. After 6 days you take the white and red cloth and wrap the mamey in it.
  5. You go to the foot of a palm and you give 6 touches to the trunk of this because Shango lives there and you offer him his 6 cents of right.

The palm is a sacred place full of energy, take advantage and talk with Shango, tell him what you want for your life so that he gives you health to achieve it and firmness so that your strength never fails. Blessings.

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