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Incidences of the sun and the moon in Addimú and Ebbó Day or night?

The Addimú and Ebbó according to the moon and the sun

Each of us are unique beings and we are endowed with particularities that are only ours.

Many times these spiritual energies are disturbed and it is when we decide to consult through the Diloggún with an Awo, Oriate or Olorisha, to know what Orunmila, the Orishas or Egguns (spirits) advises us, and thus be able to guide us in search of peace and balance we need.

Among the many rituals that can come out in these consultations to get on their way are the Ebbóses (cleanings) and Addimuses (offerings to the deities).

What is done with the Addimú and Ebbó after the time marked in the ritual?

Addimú and Ebbó

When we make Ebbó or put an Addimú dedicated to the Orishas or Eggun, after the time stipulated to keep them at home (in the case of offerings), they must be taken to the place that has been marked in the consultation or the one that corresponds, that is, to the element of nature that belongs to the deity.

Also in nature, the Ebbones are left after cleaning us and they stay there so that they capture all the negativity.

Nature is inextricably linked to our Rule of Osha-Ifá and to our ancestors.

In nature we recharge "the batteries" so to speak, we discharge the negative and we nourish ourselves with the positive that it gives us, since they are sources that generate a lot of energy.

There are certain factors that sometimes we must take into account when performing the rituals and the result of the works or ceremonies may also depend on them.

Depending on the hours in which the works are carried out and also on the lunar phases, the results will be better.

What works are carried out during the day for the best results?

The energy of Olorún (Sun) It is very strong and has a high vibratory frequency, therefore the works that are aimed at:

  • Get strength and steadfastness,
  • get jobs and better job results,
  • attract economic evolution and abundance,
  • for trips and new opportunities to come,
  • generate new future personal perspectives,
  • strengthen or attract loves.

What rituals should we perform at night for best results?

The energy of Oshupá (Moon) She is mysterious and her energy of course, contrary to Olorún's, is cold.

At night, works are recommended for:

  • Fertility,
  • drive away the negative,
  • take out dark spirits that they send us to do evil.

The Oshupá phases also interfere with the works:

* The Moon in Phase of the First Quarter:

This moon warns that the time of abundance has arrived. His face is half dark, half illuminated.

It is favorable for jobs related to:

  • Health,
  • fertility,
  • the protection,
  • love,
  • open good roads,
  • prosperity and development,
  • spiritual and economic evolutions.

* The moon in Last Quarter Phase:

This phase of the Moon indicates the end of the cycle, one stage begins and another ends, it is a period of relaxation and reflection.

It is very favorable when we do rituals related to:

  • Conclude or close deals,
  • ward off enemies and envies,
  • diseases and osogbos (negative energies)

In general, it helps us to remove all the negative that hinders and surrounds us, to drive away all bad influences and dark dead.

Actually, everything that we need to be finished or that you have to smooth.

* The moon in Full Moon Phase:

This lunar phase is when the earth is between the sun and the moon, it is a phase that symbolizes great mental and spiritual power and favors all kinds of works and more those of ebboses, because there is a lot of concentrated energy.

  • The most recommended jobs in this phase they refer to the union of marriages, family relationships and spirituality.

* The moon in New Moon Phase:

This phase of the moon is when a new lunar cycle begins and during this period of "black moon" as many call it, only the side of total darkness is visible from the earth.

The most recommended jobs are focused on:

  • Achieve our own spiritual growth,
  • reconsider and pay attention to our souls,
  • meditate on our health, love, and finances.

It is an opportune stage to think if we should change our interior, and make an inspection of ourselves.

Everything that we want that does not attract attention we can achieve in this phase.

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