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Addimú and offerings of Vegetables and Viands for the Orishas

Adimu for the orishas

Who respects, understands and loves Yoruba religion He always wants to please his Orishas by offering Adimú (offerings) that he likes.

The addimu also leads by means of prayers to consolidate what is desired, but much more important is to offer it from the heart and have faith that everything will be given to him with the blessing of his Orisha at the moment that he determines it.

Remember that all that is offered to the Orisha are fruits, drinks, desserts, vegetables, greens and meats, they must be clean and fresh, without stains, well cared for, or mistreated, just as we like it.

Adimú Efó (vegetables and greens)

With an offering, we are grateful, we pray, we ask for health and everything we need in our lives, these are some of the offerings of vegetables to our deities.

And FOVegetable / VegetableOrisha
AjefowoCockscombAggayú and Shango
BeanRed onionObatalá, Oshosi and Babaluayé
AteleGingerBabalú Ayé and Shango
Ayo or ayuGarlicObatala
EphoChardOshún and Inle
And FOSpinachOshun
efo yanrínWatercressAll the roads of Oshún except Oshún Ololoddi, Yemayá and Olokún
IlasaOkra leavesShango, Aggayú and Oba
Ilenké, ogo yeyeLettuceYemayá and Olokún
Ishoró kekeCilantroOshun
Teat 1French bledoOshun
Teat 2Red bledoYemayá, Olokún and Oshún

Adimú Esó (food)

En Cuba Viand refers to a set of fruits and roots rich in carbohydrates, among them the best known are cassava, pumpkin, banana, potato, sweet potato, taro among others.

ThatLunch boxOrisha
XHeart of palm (the palm in Cuba)Shango and Aggayú
agbadoCornAll the Orishas
I chosePumpkinShango and Oshún
Ikán or igbá oyinbóEggplantOyá
Ikokí eyinYellow taroOrishaokó and Egguns
IlaOkraShango, Aggayú and Dadá
IshinVegetable brainObatalá and Oddúa
IshuYamAll the Orishas
Ishu ewuraHairy yamAll the Orishas
Ishu eyinYellow yamAll the Orishas
Kunkundukú pukpaYellow sweet potatoOrishaokó and Inle
KunkunkdukuWhite sweet potatoOggún, Yemayá, Inle and Obbatalá

No matter how small the offering to the orishas, ​​do it with faith, love and humility, the true offering is found in our hearts.

Here are some addimú and offerings that you can make, below:

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