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Addimús for Orishas and Eggun with Carita Beans ► «Fritters and tamales»

Addimús for the Orishas with carita bean

The carita bean is a grain which enjoys great popularity in the Rule of Osha-Ifá, with this numerous addimús (offerings) are made, among which are fried foods and tamales.

It can also be seen in grain accompanyingañaThere are other ministers who are used to attract economic development, luck and packaged for the realization of ebbós at the foot of the Orishas Guerreros.

The dishes made bean carita They are a true delicacy for the deities of the Yoruba religion, these are placed as offerings on their altars in payment for favors obtained and as a show of respect and devotion.

These dishes are used very frequently in certain ceremonies where the deceased is involved and that almost always have a direct relationship with Oyá Yansa the owner of the spark.

What ingredients do I need to make these Addimus for the Orishas and Eggun?

Carita bean
Carita bean

To execute the addimús made with carita beans, the religious will need two basic ingredients:

  • The carita bean and
  • banana leaves.

The first is essential because it is the basis of this delicacy and the second is related to the preparation of tamales, a dish that we will explain later.

The Black-Eyed Bean Tamale “a Yoruba delicacy”

Carita Bean Tamale

The carita bean tamale It is one of the most popular dishes within the Yoruba religion, this dish has been offered to the deities since ancient times.

To make it you need:

  1. Bring the carita beans to a boil,
  2. once soft they are ground and
  3. With this dough, tamales are made that will be wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in steam or boiling water.

They are usually seasoned with the ingredients corresponding to the Orisha for which they will be made.

Respecting the taboos of each saint, coloring can be added to make the adimu more appetizing.

How to make Frijol Carita fritters for the Orishas?

Carita Bean Fritters

To make the carita bean fritters The first thing to do is soften the grain, then proceed to grind it.

The dough obtained will be seasoned as we explained previously respecting the prohibitions of each saint.

With this, small balls will be made that will be cooked in very hot oil.

Remember that:

  • Those made for Obatalá should not have salt,
  • the fried foods for Yemayá can have a little indigo and in this way make them blue,
  • those of Kawó Silé will be seasoned with corojo butter,
  • those dedicated to Oshun and Oyá Yansa will have a special touch with aromatic herbs.

The previously presented addimus will be served to the Orishas keeping the aesthetics that is required and they will be accompaniedañatwo of two candles, which will be lit at the time of placing the offering.

Other offerings dedicated to the Orishas:

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