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Adimú to Aggayú Solá to ask for his protection

Adimú for Aggayú

Aggayú the giant of Osha, which, as its name says, manages to see everything, the good and the bad, will help us in the most difficult moments when we need its power to act in our favor.

There are times when we are at a crossroads, bogged down, and we feel like the world is upon us.

When our life stagnates and we do not prosper, either due to economic shortages, lack of employment, health problems; clearing the mind in those moments is extremely difficult, but we must never forget that our Orishas are there to help us and give us light in the dark.

Something simple but very effective are the offerings (Adimú) with fruits to our Orishas, ​​they are not complex works and they are really useful and positive.

If you put in each prayer, in each work, in each ritual and in each offering, your will, decision, optimism and above all faith, everything will turn out well for you.

Ingredients you need:

  • 9 bananas or a hand of banana
  • Corojo butter
  • Dry wine
  • 2 candles

The bananas that should be used for this work are the so-called "Indian bananas" (as in the photo above), but if you can't get them, you can make it with other types of bananas.

Prepare the offering (adimú) for Aggayú Solá

  • Corojo butter is spread on the bananas and we blow dry wine on it.
  • The 2 candles are lit and there is a conversation with the powerful Aggayú.
  • Use this I pray to Aggayú to invoke it.
  • It is put for 9 days on top of Aggayú Sola.
  • On the ninth day he takes him to the foot of a ceiba or a dry tree.
  • Instead of bananas you can also make the offering using 9 red apples.

If you do not have Aggayú, you can perform this adimú on behalf of San Cristóbal de la Habana, who is syncretized in the Afro-Cuban religion with the Orisha Aggayú.

This prayer will give us refuge from the adversities and storms of life, illnesses and unfavorable situations for our soul and spirit.

Prayer to San Cristóbal de la Habana to invoke him:

Loving Jesus, fundamental stone of our faith, in whom we faithfully believe, for which your glorious martyr Saint Christopher had, with which he preached to you without fear of death and in your name he did wonders, healing the sick and executing wonders, as it was to flourish again. the arid log; By his merits we beg you to give us vigor to exercise by work those who believe in faithfulness, and that coming out of the sterility of guilt, may our lives be adorned with the beauty of virtues, so that we may be able to bear fruits of glory by your grace, granting us now what we need we ask of you and at the hour of our death go up to enjoy you eternally in heaven for centuries. Amen.

I sincerely hope that you receive the protection that your life needs and that our Orishas always protect you. Blessings.

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