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Powerful offering to Aggayú to venerate him, ask for development and I will go

Adimú to Aggayú

You can please to the great Aggayú with this Adimú (offering) and beg him to get you out of difficulties or any problem you have, just keep your faith and will in balance and you will see.

Whenever we venerate the orishas they open the paths for us, with health, love, abundance, it is a way of connecting with their energy so that they intercede on our behalf.

Aggayú Solá in the Yoruba pantheon It symbolizes the energy and power that comes from inside the earth, it is living fire, it is volcanic force.

It is represented by a boatman in the human and lives in the currents of the rivers, and in the Santeria or Rule of Osha it is highly revered, for the firmness it provides, the balance and the well-being.

We will make this offering from the heart to please, venerate and invoke the giant of the Osha, as this Orisha is known. It is important to put faith in any religious work we do.


  • 9 torrejas or 9 slices of bread
  • Bowl
  • Red wine
  • Corojo butter
  • Honey
  • Dragees (tiny colored balls used in pastry making)
  • 2 candles
  • 9 cents

How is this powerful Adimú made to Aggayú?

OPTION 1- If you have the torrejas already made, put them on a plate and on top of each one, put a little corojo butter, a good amount of red wine, then honey and cover with dragees.

OPTION 2- If you choose to make the offering with the slices of bread, it will be the same procedure as before, only you will add a teaspoon of brown sugar to each slice, before the other ingredients.

  • The torrejas or slices of bread should be almost covered by the wine, that is why a deep plate is needed.
  • When it is ready, you put the Adimú at the foot of Aggayú, light the 2 candles and ask for its blessing. Give him knowledge of what you offer and that request in which you need to help you.


You will have this Adimú in the name of Aggayú for 9 days and then you will take it to the banks of a river, or to the foot of a ceiba tree if you have one, otherwise you will go to the mountain and leave it there.

  • Leave it next to the right 9 cents, and remember that every day you have to light the candles for a while.
  • Each day you can invoke the Orisha Aggayú with the following prayer.

Many blessings and may the giant of Osha protect you with all the good things in this life.

Learn more about the Orisha Aggayú, the giant of the Rule of Osha:

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