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For Oshún it is this beautiful Adimú So that everything flows in our favor!

Adimú to Oshún

The Addimú (offerings) are always well received by the Orishas.

This offer will be for mother Oshún, the beautiful Orisha, the smallest of the Yoruba Pantheon, and sister of Yemayá the goddess of the seas.

Oshún always receives the protection of his faithful friend Eleggua and she owns the rivers and fresh waters of the world, symbolizes love and delicacy in Osha.

A Ritual dedicated to Oshún to attract good vibes

Adimú dedicated to Oshún
Dragees and sunflower

In this work we will use the egg, a sacred element with great spirituality and carrier of great energies, symbolizes fertility, creation, absorbs negative vibes cleaning your astral when it is low energetically, and is capable of renewing the spirit.

All egg rituals are effective because apart from cleansing, it purifies our mind, soul and our body.

The gofio that is obtained through wheat is also a food possessing spiritual powers, enhances prosperity, helps fertility, and attracts good fortune in the rituals that are used.

The drageesThose little sweet balls or chips of various colors that are usually placed on top of desserts to decorate them, are also an element widely used in rituals. It is capable of attracting sweetness and unfolding, that is why we will use them in this ritual dedicated to Oshún, the goddess of honey.


  • 2 yellow or white candles
  • 1 sunflower
  • White plate
  • 5 hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs
  • Gofio, wheat flour or corn flour
  • Dragees or candies
  • Honey bee

How to prepare this offering to the Goddess of fresh waters?

  1. First you light the 2 candles and ask for your blessing, you give Oshún knowledge of the ritual that you are going to perform on his behalf and the reason why you do it (ask for what you want).
  2. You take the sunflower and place it in the center of the white plate.
  3. You cut the eggs in half and with care, care and love you deposit them around the sunflower.
  4. On top of each lid of each egg you add gofio or corn flour, on top of dragees or crushed caramels, and pour a little honey and also on the sunflower.
  5. This addimu will stay for 5 days in a row and then this offering will preferably go to the river or to a leafy tree, in case you cannot get close to its natural temple "the river".

If you have not received Oshún, you can make this offering in the name of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, a saint with whom the African goddess is syncretized.

Remember that faith is a fundamental element in each work to the Orishas, ​​you can invoke it with this beautiful prayer during the ritual:

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