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How to give an Adimu to Oyá to thank him and overcome obstacles?

added to Oyá

Oyá Also known as Yansá, she is an older female and very warrior Orisha who wins battles and leads them, absolute owner of the sparks, hurricanes and whirlpools.

She makes strong winds blow, winds that bring the good and carry the bad for those who venerate and respect her.

It is the one that guards the cemetery gates for what is related to death and the darkness of the night.

Offering dedicated to the Goddess Oyá with eggplant that will go to the cemetery

added to Oyá with eggplant
Sliced ​​aubergines

This adimu (offering) to the African queen Oyá You can put it as a thank you, to overcome any type of difficulty you have.

It is a very simple offering with the aubergine, of which she is the owner and very much likes to be offered it.

You must also make and have a letter ready where you express your gratitude and request to this beautiful Orisha Oyá.

In case you have not received Oyá you can do it too, if you venerate it and do it with love and faith, I know it will listen to you.


  • 2 eggplants
  • Corojo butter
  • Honey bee
  • 1 white plate
  • 2 candles
  • In this ritual we will use the following prayer to invoke Oyá.

How do we do this adimu to Oyá Yansa?

First you take the eggplants, wash and dry them so that all the negative and dark energy that they have collected goes away.

Ritual with the first eggplant:

  1. You will take the first eggplant and cut it from the top into a lid and with the help of a spoon you remove a little of its dough.
  2. You put corojo butter inside it, and inside you will put your letter and then on top of it you pour honey.
  3. Then you close it with the lid that you removed earlier and with both hands you rub honey all over the eggplant.
  4. Place the aubergine in the center of the plate vertically.

Second eggplant:

  1. You take the second eggplant and from it you will take 9 slices and spread corojo butter on them.
  2. And you are depositing the 9 slices around the one that is placed in the center of the plate.
  3. On top of these slices you put a little honey and put it at the foot of Oyá with two candles.

They ask for her blessing and talk to her about what you put in the letter, remember also to thank before asking, and invoke it with your prayer.

The offering must go to the cemetery:

That offering will be there for 9 days and then you must take it to the cemetery.

If you cannot go to the cemetery, ask the Orisha if she wants you to take the offering to another place, and if not, take it to the mountain.

I recommend that each work that is deposited to the Orishas be beautiful, with dedication and without haste. Put effort into it and do it with faith and love. Blessings to you and much ashé.

Other rituals you can do with the Goddess Oyá:

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