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Adimú to San Lázaro to ask for his blessing and what you need in your life

Adimú to San Lázaro

Blessed Saint Lazarus known as Old Man Lazarus He is the patron saint of the poor and is highly revered for his great power and the miracles he performs.

This Saint is honored by so many works of charity that he performs mainly with the sick, disadvantaged and needy people, although he grants everything that is asked of him.

It represents all the diseases that are contagious, viruses and skin problems.

Not only is it offered to him when we are sick or there is someone with suffering in our family, it is also paid tribute for his protection and protection and more this year with the pandemic we must venerate him so that he does not reach our homes and get rid of it.

Let's make 17 corn balls as an offering for Saint Lazarus

An addimu in the Yoruba religion is an offering, a gift that we give to the deities to venerate, invoke and thank them for their daily blessings.

Saint Lazarus in the Yoruba pantheon is syncretized with Babalu Aye, orisha that also symbolizes disease and is venerated in Santeria for its great power.


  • Clay plate
  • Cornmeal
  • Milk
  • Corojo butter
  • Toasted corn
  • Dry wine
  • Vela
  • Tobacco
  • Honey

What candle is lit to Saint Lazarus?

The purple candle is the one that represents the saint, in case we do not have it we can use a white one, the important thing is to light it with faith and humility.

What offering can be made to Saint Lazarus to help us?

This offering pleases the Saint very much, remember to put a lot of faith in it and do it with great confidence, make your request firmly and be very patient to accept his path.

  1. First in the plate you put corn flour, and pour milk little by little while kneading until it is a dough with good consistency.
  2. You add a teaspoon of corojo butter, 17 toasted corn kernels, a splash of dry wine and knead until everything is well mixed.
  3. With the well kneaded dough you make 17 small balls.
  4. If you have Saint Lazarus represented, you light a candle and put the offering in front of him and ask for his blessing. You can also use a photo of the saint.
  5. You light the tobacco and make smoke and also dry wine you blow on it.
  6. Above the cornmeal balls Friday a little honey.

When you have everything ready, you kneel down and ask the miraculous Lazarus in faith. You can invoke it with this prayer, Click here to read or see below.

How many days should we leave the work at the foot of San Lázaro?

You will have this Adimú to San Lázaro for 7 days, after that time you deposit it in the forest with 17 grains of right corn, that is, you leave the work among the weeds and next to it the corn grains.

It is important to put a lot of faith to this ritual, and remember apart from your request, ask the saint for a lot of health, because without health in this life we ​​have nothing. Blessings for you.

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