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What is offered to the Ibeyis to overcome difficulties and achieve evolution?

Adimu Ibeyis

The Ibeyis or Jimaguas They are the children who defeated the devil with their cunning in the Yoruba religion, and because of the great power that they emanate with their blessing, you will be able to overcome your difficulties and setbacks, of course, if you ask them with faith and trust.

En the yoruba pantheon they personify luck, fortune and prosperity, they are like little children spoiled by all the other Orishas, ​​always raised and protected by the goddess of the sea Yemayá.

They are the Ibeyis protectors of children, especially twins, we can ask them for the safety, health and luck of the little ones in the home.

They are deities that always go together, they represent the intelligence, good decision-making and cunning that we need to move forward with firmness and determination in life.

This Adimú (offering) to the Ibeyis is very simple but effective, and above all very special. Therefore, in addition to offering it with respect, we must give it love and humility.


In the Yoruba cult, everything that is offered to the Ibeyis must be in even numbers and in the same amount for both.

  • 2 white candles
  • 2 white plates
  • The fruits you want to offer
  • Candies or preserves
  • grated coconut
  • Honey

IMPORTANT: If you don't have the Ibeyis, but you venerate them and trust their power, you can also make this offering.

How do we Adimú to the Ibeyis so that prosperity comes to our lives?

  1. First you light the two candles and ask for your blessing and in front of them you prepare their addimu.
  2. In the plates you place the same amount of the same fruit or varied fruits, but always the same for both.
  3. Around them you put candies or preserves, but remember, always the same amount.
  4. On top of the fruits, add grated coconut and then a lot of honey.
  5. You give knowledge to the Ibeyis of the adimú that you have placed in their name and you ask for your development so that the difficulties disappear.

What do we do next with the offering?

We will leave the offering for 2 or 4 days, but if we see that the fruits are about to go bad, we will take them first to a lush forest or tree.

I always like that the offerings arrive fresh and beautiful to the natural temples of the Orishas.

I sincerely wish that the blessing of the Ibeyis reaches your home and family! 

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