I am very grateful for the existence of this interesting page for my Cuba as well. Well, with her I am guiding myself to know more about my angel maferefun oya I received it in 2016 by a babalawos that 1 month later without saying anything very hidden I entered the United States leaving 5 godsons who received me that day orula. I remember that after receive I wanted to interact with him in relation to my angel or already giving me as an answer that I did not have to know so much and if I was left with nothing that would identify me with me.oya no tureen or necklaces or anything. In order not to go into further ado, so as not to disrespect a belief that I love so much, I would only like some godfather willing to help me to be so kind to me. The blessing for all our great religious godfathers and godson of this beautiful Yoruba religion