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Adimú and sweet offerings for the Orishas

Adimú for the orishas

Who doesn't like candy? Almost all of us love that mixture of hot or cold sweet flavors, because the Orishas are also grateful for adimú and sweet offerings.

For centuries it has been offered to the deities of the Yoruba Pantheon Adimuses (offerings), some elaborate, others spicy, with or without salt, drinks, but also the Orishas like sweetness and that they please them by adding Adimú, desserts.

With transculturation, most of the existing ingredients in Africa were replaced in Cuba by other foods, attributes and elements.

Offerings, delivery of gratitude and devotion

Many are the sweets and desserts that the orishas like, offerings that they are grateful for because through them you offer gratitude and pay tribute.

Adimú is not only offered for a health problem, a crisis that overwhelms us, a relationship that ends, a love that does not arrive or a job that does not appear, although there will always be one or another difficulty, remember your Orishas and offer them gratitude with one of these sweets made by your own hands and they will thank you.

If you are aleyo (not initiated in religion) you can also make offerings, among them sweets and if your desire is to crown yourself they will put it on your way, because the Orishas also give thanks.

Some of the best known sweets and desserts in Cuba are also dedicated to the deities, some of them may have different names in other countries.

Dessert   Orisha
Almonds Obatalá and Oddúa
Cabezote and CappuccinoOshún, Inle and Oba
Gipsy arm Oshún and Inle
Buñuelos, Custard, Drunk Panetela, Milk Flan and Pumpkin FlanOshun
BlancmangeYemayá, Olokún, Obbatalá and Oddúa
Royal dough and guava jamEleggua
Marzipan and MeringueObatalá and Oduduwá
Chocolate custard and TorrejasOyá
Morón pancakesInle, Yemayá and Olokún

Addimú Adun, sweets for the Orishas

We present some of the offerings that can be given to the orishas with their translation from Yoruba.

It is important to know that the Orishas have taboos and prohibitions among their offerings, that is, foods that they do not like, so it is important to know which ones they like.

addimu adu (sweet)DessertOrishas
TaxgofioYemayá, Olokún, Oshún and all the Orishas
Ado you oyin     Gofio levers with honeyAll the orishas
Adó ti oyín irekePalanquetas of gofio with molasses of cañaInle, Orishaoko, Yemayá, Olokún
Adún agbón duduDry coconut sweet or in syrupYemayá, Olokun, Inle
Adún agbón endDried white coconut candy or in syrupObatala, Oddua
Adun akáBread pudding     obbatala
I have chosenPumpkin candyOshun
adun eyebale      
Pig blood candy  egguns
Adún guafaGuava hulls in syrupEleggua
adún ibepéSweet papaya Oyá
Adun IrekeScrape (sugar cone)Eleggua
adun ogedeBanana in temptation   Inle, Aggayu
adun omi waraDulce de leche     Obatala, Oddua
Akasa adunWhite threshed corn tamales with sugarObbatalá, Oddua
akasá ti agbónWhite threshed corn tamales with sugar and coconut milkObbatalá, Oddua
Agidí Ball    Sweet fermented cornmealAggayu, Oyá
Amalá'dúnFlour in sweetShango, Aggayú
IgbekuruCornbreadElegguá, Oggun, Oshosi, Inle, Oshun
adun 1
sweet potatoYemayá, Inle, Olokun
still 2
Bad rageOyá, Aggayu
Shinkafa adun    Milk pudding    Obbatalá, Oddua
Shinkafa ti agbónCoconut milk riceObbatalá, Oddúa, Yemayá and Olokún 

The adimu offered by the Orishas must be given with a lot of love and faith, no matter how simple their gift to the deities, it must be with humility, the greatness of the offering is found in their heart.

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