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How to prepare an Adimú for Ochosi and ask for open roads and luck?

Adimú for Ochosi

Some believe in good luck and others do not, but the truth is that for achievements and development to come to our lives we must have faith and trust in the divine and powerful that protects us.

In those moments when we feel stagnant and see no way to progress, it is opportune to turn to our Orishas with faith and a lot of love because they are always close to us, helping us to get ahead.

So that you find what you are looking for and do not feel that it comes into your life, I leave you an Adimú (offering) at the foot of Ochosi.

This powerful Orisha of the Rule of Osha or Santeria is a hunter, sorcerer and defender of all injustices and in the yoruba pantheon He is a great warrior, who with his bow and arrow hunts the good so that it arrives and the bad so that it does not arrive.

You must trust in its energy and power, and you will see how little by little the good paths are opened, even those that you did not imagine but that are suitable for you.


  • White plate
  • 7 red onions
  • Corojo butter
  • Jícara that you can later throw away or disposable container
  • Anisette
  • Honey
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • 7 cents

How is this adimú made at the foot of the great Ochosi?

If you have the warriors received, you have to take Oshosi out of Oggún's casserole and put him on a white plate with the arrow pointing to the street door.

If you have received it, the Addimú will go to his feet, that is, in front of Oshosi, otherwise you can put it in a place on the floor that is clean.

  1. First you light a candle to Oshosi and ask for his great blessing, you give him knowledge of what you will do at his feet and your purpose.
  2. You take the 7 red onions and peel them, then without cutting them the browns over low heat with smeared corojo butter.
  3. When they are already golden, you take them out, let them cool and put them in a gourd or disposable container.
  4. You drink the anise liqueur which is one of his favorite drinks and with your mouth you blow Oshosi a little.
  5. Then you pour a little anise over each onion.
  6. You also add honey, smoked fish and smoked jutía on top of each one.

A 7-day offering that will go to the sacred mountain:

This Adimú for Ochosi will be dedicated to the orisha for 7 days.

Every day you light the candle for a while and you will be begging Oshosi to give you development and open your paths with health, love and abundance.

After 7 days you will go with 7 cents to the mountain and you will leave that Addimú there in his name with great respect, humility and faith. Always trusting in your blessing.

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