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Adimú for Oshosi: Freeing enemies, conquering envy and bad eyes

Adimú for Oshosi

Oshosi in the Yoruba religion is a great hunter Orisha, righteous and faithful, who belongs to the group of warriors along with Elegguá the owner of destiny, Oggún the master of iron and Osun the watchman of religious heads.

Oshosi is a great sorcerer and fortune teller who lives in the mountains. He is protective of his children and always justly wins battles against his enemies, against envy and everything bad that haunts us in life.

And the thing is that sometimes we feel bad and nothing works out for us, sometimes we have invisible enemies like the language of the envious or people who speak without knowing about our lives, but other times we do know those people who hurt us.

To get rid of all that negativity that haunts us and blocks our way, we will make this Adimú (offering) for Oshosi so that as a good vigilante he can help us.

Ingredients for the ritual:

  • Green banana (plantain, not sweet banana)
  • Corojo butter
  • Brown paper (cartridge paper or brown)
  • Graphite pencil
  • A fish
  • Birdseed
  • Plateau
  • 1 candle
  • Anise or brandy
  • Tobacco
  • 3 cents

How is the offering prepared on behalf of Oshosi?

  1. First you peel the banana and spread it with corojo butter and put it to roast.
  2. While the banana is roasting on brown paper and with graphite pencil you write 3 times the name of your enemy and if you do not know him you write:

«Against all enemies, evil eyes and tongues»

  1. You spread corojo butter on that paper and roll it up.
  2. When the banana is roasted with the help, for example, of a spoon and very carefully you introduce it through the mouth of the fish, then you put the paper with the name and then the birdseed.
  3. You can also open the fish in the middle if it is easier for you to introduce the elements.
  4. You spread the fish with corojo butter and put it on a plate at the foot of Oshosi.
  5. You light the candle and blow anise and tobacco smoke.

Important: We will do the above if you took Oshosi apart from his cauldron, in case it remains where Oggún blows brandy and tobacco smoke, because Oggún does not drink anise.

What we must take into account in the Adimú for Oshosi:

Fish usually stinks when raw, you can leave it until the candlelight runs out.

It all depends on the climate of the place where you live and how long it is kept, if you can leave it for 3 days much better. During those three days you must light the candle for a while each day.

Always remember to ask for his blessing with faith and request his intervention to solve your problem, you must also mention everything that you have put into the work, that is, the ingredients you used.

When you decide to take this Adimú to Oshosi, depending on the aforementioned, you will leave it in a hill with 3 cents of duty and wrapped in brown paper.

You say this little prayer to Oshosi with great faith:

Great Oshosi
May all envy against me on the part of my visible and invisible enemies disintegrate as well as this fish disintegrates.
May his blessing always accompany me and may he hunt evil with his arrows so that it does not come to me. Ashé

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