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How to offer an Adimú to Oyá to thank you and tell you a problem?

Adimú for Oyá

In this offering dedicated to Oyá We will give you a tower made with the fruit of the yam, with powerful ingredients such as cocoa butter and nutmeg.

If you want Oyá be happy, feel your gratitude and at the same time you want to talk with her about your needs and problems you can make this offering without hesitation and with great faith.

Remember that above all Oyá who helps you believe in what you still do not see, but trusting in Yanza you will see with light and clarity the solution to your anxieties.

Oyá is the Orisha that in the yoruba pantheon it owns winds, eddies and storms, the air you breathe that brings the good and drives away the bad.

Do not hesitate, in this life everything happens, and the winds of Yanza, although they always shake, clean and secure the way.


This is a fairly simple, but effective offering, you need:

  • 1 or 2 yam fruits
  • 1 dish
  • Cocoa butter
  • Grated nutmeg
  • 2 candles
  • 9 small flags of different colors except black
  • 9 cents

How is this Offering or Adimú made to Oyá? A tower for luck and abundance

  1. You must first peel the yams or yams and put them to soften (cook them until they are soft).
  2. When they are very soft, let them cool, you take them out and put them on a plate to puree them.
  3. You must then add a little cocoa butter and the grated nutmeg.
  4. Mix everything very well and make a tower very high, as much as you can, but remember that the dough must be medium hard, so that the tower is firm and does not fall.
  5. The flags will be small, we can make them of cloth or paper, and you can use a powerful pole as a pole such as the victor in battle, the victor, or star.
  6. You light the 2 candles and you can say:

Yanza mother, here is your son / daughter asking for your blessing to rejoice your heart with this offering and talk with you about my problems.

short prayer dedicated to Oyá for the ritual:

You place the flags nailed around the tower and at the top you put the brown flag. And as you place them with great faith you say:

my mighty Oyá help me through this offering to:

Win battles in life
That you give me health and drive away the disease
That you keep me away from death and everything bad
My development and I will leave it in your hands
Drive away my enemies and those who want me bad
Open my paths and let luck come
The tranquility in my home and business
Peace in my family, friends and loved ones
That with your winds you drive away the bad and attract the good to my life.
Mother Oyá Thank you for everything and protection forever.
Jekúa Jey Yanza!

We will leave this offering to Yanza for 9 days:

  • Every day for 9 days you will light the candles and say the previous prayer.
  • On the ninth day you place this Adimú to Oyá in the cemetery or in the mount with the 9 cents of right.

Always giving thanks for the blessings received and those that you will receive.

He is greeted by saying: Jekua Jey Yanza!

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