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An Adimú in the Home to the Miraculous Saint Lazarus to attract a lot of Health

Adimú for San Lázaro

Saint Lazarus Blessed Patron of the poor, who assists us in illnesses, gives strength and restores the health of those who seek him for help. Syncretized with the orisha who governs disease in the Yoruba religion, the great Babalu Aye. Both are venerated in the Afro-Cuban cult as the same deity, their miracles are fused in a single faith.

Offering dedicated to Saint Lazarus Blessed, the Patron of dogs:

In this offering (adimú) we will use sesame as one of its components, its owner is San Lázaro. With this powerful grain abundance is attracted to open paths and to find health.

We will also use camphor that destroys negativities, purifies and is magical in spiritual and energetic cleansings.

Faith and will in each religious ritual you decide to do are very important, so put all your will and know that you will achieve what you propose to obtain.


Adimú for San Lázaro with sesame
Sesame seeds
  • Toasted sesame bread
  • Corojo butter
  • 1 purple or white candle
  • Purple bag or jute bag (the size will depend on the amount of your ingredients)
  • Camphor
  • Toasted corn
  • Handfuls of all kinds of grains that you decide to place.

How to prepare this offering to the old man San Lázaro?

In front of the image of San Lázaro Blessed you will do this work.

Image of Saint Lazarus
Image of Saint Lazarus Blessed
  1. First you toast the sesame seed bread with corojo butter. If you don't have the sesame seed bread, don't be discouraged, take a piece of bread and añaDes sesame and toast it with corojo butter.
  2. Then you must light the candle and ask for the blessing of Saint Lazarus.
  3. The bread is chopped into 17 pieces, its size will depend on the size of your bag.
  4. You take the bag and in it you place the 17 pieces of bread, camphor, roasted corn and different kinds of grains.

You close the bag curiously, that is, carefully and beautifully, since the offerings are like a gift to the deity.

Then you place it in front of Saint Lazarus Blessed and pray the following prayer:

Prayer of Saint Lazarus for health, ward off bad luck, protection and prosperity:

Glorious Patron of the Poor, that in so many torments I see myself, just by calling your spirit, give me what I want, and that you find that my ills are remedied just by saying this prayer:

In the Name of Saint Lazarus, may the good spirits help me and come to my aid, when I suffer from any evil or find myself in danger, stop them, and they don't come to me,

and make SAN LAZARO, may your spirit be my faith, and may this serve as proof of your protection for me and everyone who is by my side, and may in you, Patron, find the strength my matter needs to be able to carry these tests of this planet in which habitawe and this path that must be passed, commanded by God Our Father,

Well, in you I put my faith to save me from these great delays and from my many sorrows that my subject has, sent by God Our Father, because in you I put my faith so that you save me from this and give me comfort to my great evils and that for your value I have another better future than the one I have,

and that in the name of SAN LÁZARO the evil spirits move away from me with this protection;

SAN LÁZARO with me, I with him;
him in front, me behind him so that everyone
make my ills disappear,
Glory to all.

You leave the bag in front of San Lázaro until the candle burns out. Then you remove it and put it behind the front door of your home or business. You will surely receive a thousand blessings from Saint Lazaro Blessed, have faith and trust in his miracles.

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