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How to prepare an Adimú to Shango to obtain his favor and thank him?

Adimú Shango

Every day we need our OrishasThey take care of us and protect us along the way, giving us health, love, abundance and firmness in our steps.

I always say that the essential thing is not to offer them so that they return a favor, but so that they feel honored, cared for, as part of our gratitude.

The objective of this adimú (offering) apart from entertaining the great Orisha Shango And that he feels happy, is that you can ask him for a special request that you have.

Shango is a great warrior Orisha, represented in the Yoruba religion by fire, thunder and lightning, and by his virility. He is an advocate for his children and a tireless protector of those who suffer injustice.

Put a lot of faith in this ritual above all things, that without faith nothing is achieved in this life.


  • 1 dried coconut
  • 6 red mamey
  • 1 white plate
  • Guinea pepper
  • Toasted corn
  • Smoked fish
  • Smoked hutia
  • Corojo butter and cocoa butter
  • Honey
  • Red wine
  • 2 candles
  • 6 cents

Let's prepare step by step this beautiful offering in the name of Shango:

Addimú Shango
Fruit of the Mamey
  1. First, the dry coconut must be grated and once it is ready we begin the work.
  2. The red mameyes are cut in half and the seed is removed.
  3. Inside one of the tapas of each mamey you put a guinea pepper, toasted corn, smoked fish, smoked hutía, corojo butter and also cocoa butter, you add honey and fill it with red wine.
  4. Then you top it with grated coconut and cover each mamey with the other cover.
  5. You put this adimú in front of Shango, and light the 2 candles, ask for his blessing and give him knowledge of your offer, remember to mention all the ingredients.
  6. You can invoke it with any of the following sentences, to make it easier for you to converse with the orisha.

What do we do with the work later?

  • This offering will be held for 6 days in a row, and each day you light the candles for a while. At that time of the day, talk to Shango and beg him for your request with great faith.
  • At the end of the sixth day the adimú will go to a palm with 6 cents of right.

May the protection of Shango always be with you! 

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