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2 Adimú to Yemayá with Corn Cobs to attract Health and Firmness

Adimu Yemaya

When your health is somewhat affected you can go to the feet of our universal mother Yemayá.

Yemayá is the owner of the seas, she loves her children and is a very vigilante and warrior, she will always help us with her great power.

These adimú (offerings) are effective and very beautiful on behalf of Yemayá, the blue mother With a fertile belly in the Yoruba pantheon, a warrior protector of her children on earth, venerated in Santeria or the Rule of Osha for her great power and majesty.

Remember: Everything you do requires your will and a lot of faith, never let doubts flood your heart, or let uncertainty distress you, trust Yemayá.


Santeria corn cobs

Corn is an ancestral food that brings great prosperity, its energy is powerful, so we will use it to attract all the good from the hand of Yemayá.

These Adimú to Yemayá have several elements in common, such as 7 ears of corn, Melado de caña, 7 cents and 2 candles, additionally we will need the elements mentioned below.

  • You can choose and make the one you want and like the most.
1 offering2 offering
ContainerWhite plate or clay pot
White sugar and brown sugarCorojo butter
Smoked fish
Smoked Jutía
Toasted corn
7 Guinea pepper

1. Adimú How do you do this corn planting?

As the corn of this offering grows, which means prosperity, your health will recover.

  1. In the container you put 7 dry ears of corn, add just a little water or you can also put a wet cotton mattress at the bottom of the container and the 7 ears on top.
  2. On top of each ear you will add a little white sugar and also brown sugar.
  3. You should also put a penny on top of each ear.
  4. Put a little syrup on top of the corn cobs, it will be 7 times clockwise.
  5. You light the two candles to Yemayá and ask her for your blessing, you give her knowledge of who you are and the ritual you perform in her name, and then you ask for what you want to achieve.

How long do we leave this offering?

This Adimú in the name of Yemayá remains at the feet of the orisha until the sowing grows and will be removed when the sowing tends to decline or become ugly.

Before that happens you must take her to the sea at the feet of Yemayá, begging her:

Yemayá my mother
Here in your waters I deposit your sowing
Thank you for raising the health that you have granted me
I ask you, mother, that you never let me decay and that your blessing always reach me.


  • Always be aware that the sowing is not dry.
  • You can invoke her by dedicating a prayer to her deity or by speaking with her from the heart.

2. Adimú with 7 ears of corn for prosperity

  1. First you wash the ears of corn and put them on top of the plate.
  2. You light the candles and talk to Yemayá about your offering and your request.
  3. Then you spread corojo butter on the ears.
  4. Then on top of each one you will add smoked fish, smoked jutía and roasted corn, and a guinea pepper on top of each ear.
  5. On them you put a little molasses of caña and on top you put a penny.
  6. Every day you light the candles for a little while, we must take into account that the candles last the 7 days of the ritual.

On the seventh day you go to the sea and there you place the offering to the goddess of the ocean Yemayá, in case you do not have its waters nearby, you can place it on a lush and beautiful tree.

Blessings for you and that these offerings with corn, food that brings much prosperity and evolution, bring you health, love and much development.

I pray short to the goddess Yemayá to invoke her in the rituals:

Holy black woman, with your seven rays in your face, queen guess, receive our greetings. Mother owner of all sea, mother son of fish, there far away she has her throne under the sea where you have her riches, for her obedient son. Thank you, my goodness.

Other most beautiful offerings to the mother of the world, Yemayá:

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