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An Adimús for Oshún ► Begging the Goddess to grant us a Favor

Adimús for Oshún

How many times do we turn to our mother Oshún to alleviate our sorrows and that she with her love heals and heals us?

And is that Oshún is the owner of the rivers, the beautiful Orisha who has us under her protection and never disappoints us.

She is the Yoruba goddess who symbolizes fertility, gold and its riches, beauty, sensuality and love in all its expressions.

  • You do not have to have received Oshún to make this offeringOshún is asked with a lot of love, sweetness and above all a lot of faith.

It is a very simple offering to make. In this ritual you can decide whether to offer it to him in the river or take a bath on his behalf so that you cleanse your body and also attract the positive.

Powerful elements that we will use in this work to open good paths:

Ranunculus acris, commonly buttercup or belida grass
Ranunculus acris, commonly called Buttercup or belida grass

We will use Oshún's favorite fruit, the mango, fruit that apart from being sweet, fleshy and with a tasty smell, offers spiritual love, good fortune and fertility.

He also carries this work the sacred herb of parsley, which belongs to this Orisha and which favors triumphs, luck, success and money, but remember that to gain abundance requires effort.

Chamomile also belongs to Oshún and apart from treating various diseases with it, because it is medicinal, it has protective properties and attracts good luck.

  • The energy of all these elements is powerful, so we use them in this ritual to open the way and make requests to our beautiful goddess.

If you invoke Oshún correctly, he will offer you the solution to achieve love, success and be fertile if what you need is to get pregnant.


  • 2 candles
  • 1 mango
  • White plate
  • Parsley leaves
  • Buttercup Plant
  • Cinnamon
  • Natural chamomile, but you can also use a Chamomile tea bag.
  • Honey bee
  • 5 cents

To invoke her in this work you can use the following prayer:

How do we prepare this offering dedicated to our orisha Oshún?

First you light the candles at the foot of Oshún, you ask for his blessing, you give him knowledge of what you are going to do and what you want (make your request), and do not forget to give thanks for his blessings.

  1. You wash the mango and cut it, you can cut it as you wish, remember that Oshún marks the numbers 5, 15 and 25, this means that we offer their offerings in these quantities.
  2. As it is a single handle, I suggest you make square cuts and once cut you put it in a beautiful way on the plate.

I always say that we are careful and detailed when offering the offerings to the orishas, ​​especially Oshún who likes perfection, everything beautiful and beautiful.

  1. Then you take the parsley leaves and decorate the plate to your liking, remember that Oshún is all beauty, decorate it beautifully.
  2. On top you add the finely chopped buttercup, add the cinnamon powder, the chamomile, if it is natural, also minced and finally the honey.

How long will this Adimús last for Oshún?

This work will be on the days that the fruit is preserved, that is, it cannot be bad, in case you see that it is going to get ugly, you remove it and you have two options:

Take the offering to the river:

The first option is that you can take it to the river, to the holy waters of the saint and offer it to Oshún with its 5 cents of right.

Taking a spiritual cleansing bath:

Or, the second option, you can put everything in a basin or deep container with water and take a bath with all the elements.

  • After you put the elements in the water, let it rest for a while so that it acquires its essence and energy.
  • The bath is from the shoulders down, allowing that water to dry on the body, and while you shower the candles should be lit.
  • Remember to clean the shower afterwards and throw it all away.

May the blessing of Oshún come to him with this adimus and his projects are fulfilled with success and blessings. Much health, much love and much Ashé for you.

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