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4 Adimuses to overcome difficulties at the foot of the Orisha Eleguá

Adimuses for Eleguá

El Orisha ELEGUÁ. He is a venerated saint in the Yoruba Pantheon. Form an important trilogy with Oggun y oshosi, brave and protective deities, for this reason they are identified as the Warriors.

These are in charge of winning the battles of men and granting them the fulfillment of their aspirations.

Adimuses for Eleguá:

These adimuses that are made to Eleguá are to overcome difficulties and obtain his blessing, it is necessary to remember that for the Orisha to give his consent to the supplications, two white candles must be lit.  

1. Offering with smoked fish, corn and jutia for the Orisha Elegguá

Smoked fish, corn and hutía is a powdered preparation that is used to season the works of the Orishas.

When the santero faces difficulties or is in need of economic development, he sprinkles this product on the material representation of Elegguá.

With this work the owner of the roads hunts good fortune for his protégé.

2. Works with Eleguá to face enemies

A stack of cigars is placed inside the Elegguá fryer to defeat the enemies.

Tobacco is one of the favorite elements of the Warrior Orishas and the eggunes.

When the religious needs to defeat an enemy, he writes the name of the enemy on a piece of paper, which he places inside a bundle of tobacco that will later be tied with a red ribbon.

This work is placed in the fryer of Elegguá, immediately afterwards brandy is blown to the saint and conversations with him, asking him for justice and for the conflicts with that enemy who is disturbing to cease.

3. Corojo butter to work with Eshú

One of the most effective works carried out at the foot of Eshú is closely related to corojo butter.

This oily substance has the power to attract the Iré, to overcome difficulties this Orisha is refreshed with heart while asking for health, peace, development and many blessings.  

This work can be done several times a month, as it serves as a means of caring for this deity.

4. Elegguá is roasted three ears of corn to win a war

If what the religious needs is to win a war, take three ears of corn and roast them over medium heat.

Once a toasted appearance is reached, they are removed from the fire, when they have tempered, a red ribbon is taken and tied together, making three knots to the joint.

This offering is placed on the fryer of Elegguá, the maraca of this saint is taken and while the santero remains standing, the Orisha is touched while conversing with him.

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