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2 Sayings and their Warnings to Guide your Year 2024

2 Sayings

In the Yoruba religion, the Letter of the Year It serves to guide us through the advice of the Orishas according to the year that begins and thus learn to deal with the situations that life offers us in the best way. It is like a compass with messages that guide us Yoruba religious people on the right path.

It is important for religious to emphasize the advice given, because this way we can know how to direct ourselves and what measures to take during the year according to the situations that arise.

  • Sign Regent of 2024: Irete Otura (Irete Suka)
  • First Witness: Ika Ogundá
  • Second Witness: Otura Ogundá

In the previous post of sayings (if you haven't read it click here) I told you that we would continue to learn more proverbs this year and understand their messages correctly.

Proverbs are a popular source of wisdom, they have an essential value that passes through generations. However, to understand them correctly you need to understand their context.

Discovering 2 Sayings and their advice for Yoruba religious people

1st. The rioter destroys everything.

Certain people always bring chaos and disruption into our lives, and this is harmful in every way. So when we find ourselves surrounded by these situations, I recommend:

  • - Spiritual balance: Seek spiritual balance through prayers, light to your ancestors and Orishas to avoid destructive actions.
  • – Positive offerings: Perform offerings and rituals that promote harmony and peace rather than causing disorder.
  • – Respect for the sacred: Avoid any behavior that could dishonor our ancestors and Orishas.
  • – Consult spiritual guides: Seek guidance from your spirit guides to understand how to best channel your energy in a positive way.
  • – Community care: Recognize that your actions may affect the religious community, and strive to contribute positively to the collective well-being.

2nd. The eye of the parents protects the children.

The metaphor “the parent's eye” implies the constant attention and supervision that parents offer their children, which helps keep them safe and out of harm's way. In essence, it highlights the importance of parental guidance in the well-being of children.

The phrase is quite broad, but here are some general tips that could apply to different situations:

  • - Be consistent and exemplary: Demonstrate with your actions the values ​​you want to instill in others.
  • - Take responsibility: Fulfill your commitments and assume the consequences of your decisions.
  • - Improve understanding: Try to understand the experiences and points of view of others before making requests.
  • - Communicate clearly: Explain your wants and needs clearly and directly.
  • - Be respectful and realistic: Also treat your children with respect and consideration. Don't ask for impossible or unrealistic things.
  • - Offer mutual support: Be willing to help your children as much as you expect to receive help.
  • - Promotes a positive environment: Contribute to a positive and constructive environment in your interactions.
  • - Learn from your mistakes: Recognize when you cannot accomplish something and seek to improve in the future.

Applying the Tips of the Letter of the Year for a More Successful Path

It is vital to remember that, just as we follow our Itá (advice received when the person becomes a saint) for life, it is also necessary to be guided by the annual advice of the Letter of the Year. In this way, we honor our Orishas and head towards the correct path, in harmony with their sacred advice. Blessings for you.

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