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Warnings and strategies in Ika Okana for the religious Trust and have faith!

Ika Okana Warnings

Primitive man took multiple elements from nature that led him to evolve to become what we are today.

In order for the brain and the other organs of the economy to develop correctly, the consumption of meat was essential, a virtue that is born in the odun of Ifá Ika Okana.

Letter where the use of intelligence and reasoning was also essential, elements that gave man the hierarchy in the animal kingdom.

How can Ika Okana defeat enemies?

This letter marks persecution and abuse of power, where the person to win has to camouflage himself from the enemies, just as the guinea did in the pataki that gives rise to this sign of Ifá.

The individual who is governed by this odun must pay special importance to the advice obtained from the hand of Obatala, a saint who will bring you judgment and give you a way forward.

Odun where the theft of valuables is born

In Ika Okana, the theft of valuable items arises, so all your most precious assets must be well protected from the public eye.

You should not let anyone into your home, as they do not always come to your door with good intentions.

Secure your house well before leaving, as they will try to enter it to accuse you of losses.

Withdraw from fights and it will look better

Do not persist with anyone, simply when you do not agree with something, withdraw from the complaint and it will be better.

Do not allow them to speak out against you with disrespect, but for this you must be prudent.

If you own a business, do not trust your merchandise, because you will never get the money pawned, if you are going to trust something better, give it away.

Warnings for the religious in Ika Okana

  • By this Ifá it is reinforced Oggún Orisha owner of iron and work.
  • Ask your religious major to put the foundation necklaces for you so that your life will get the stability you so badly need.
  • Beg your head and put an assist in the vault for your spirit guide.
  • Beware of falling, as these could have serious consequences.
  • The herbs that save Ika Okana are the Turtle Bejuco and the Palo de Jicotea, use these ewes in the realization of ebbó at the foot of orunmila and other Orishas. 

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