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4 Warnings and a ritual in Ofun Ojuani, where daring pays dearly

Ofun Ojuani Warnings

Ifá says that in the odun Ofun Ojuani The one who imitates fails, you must make your own decisions to succeed or fail on your own head.

  • In this letter, daring is paid dearly, because for lack of fear the person is exposed to unnecessary dangers.

1. When the person acts in bad faith he gets osogbo

Envy and the need for recognition were born in Ofun Ojuani.

When the person acts in bad faith, he begins to suffer from the osogbo of the sign through which the religious passes work in life.

In this sign was born:

  • Depigmentation of the skin and
  • the transformation of the human being.

2. By performing ebbó Ofun Ojuani overcomes difficulties

In this odun the religious consecration of coal and ash was born and the face of the redeemer was also impregnated in the holy shroud at the hands of Mary Magdalene.

With the realization of ebbó Ofun Ojuani overcomes obstacles in life.

Ifá recommends that when you go to leave your house cover your head so that the wind and the sun's rays do not disturb your lerí (head).

3. A person close to you is going to betray you

Do not raise other people's children because ingratitude will be the payment for your good deeds.

Don't comment on everything you hear:

  • A person close to you has realized that you are very curious and to prove to the world that you have this defect, they will tell you something previously agreed with others with all the bad intentions in the world, in order to make you look bad.

4. Do not get involved in conflicts that do not concern you

  • Respect Elegguá and Obatalá, two Orishas who are a bulwark in your life.

Do not keep other people's money in your home, because there may be an account error on the part of the owner and he may later think that you stole from him.

Do not get involved in conflicts that do not concern you, or issue criteria that have not been requested so that you do not suffer an embarrassment.

Use the flowers in your rituals to work your spiritual picture

In his spiritual picture there is a Eggun that in the past performed evolutions with flowers.

You must develop that dead by placing flowers throughout your home.

When you have days when you feel full of bad vibes take a bath with:

  • Petals,
  • cascarilla y
  • perfume to purify your astral.

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