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Warnings in Ogbe Yono: Odun where pride is bad counselor

Ogbe Yono Warnings

Pride is a bad advisor in Ogbe Yono.

This is one of the aspects to work in this sign with more force, because irrevocably wrong decisions are made out of pride.

Old santeros on many occasions have mentioned that due to pride, life is lost and it is not that vital functions necessarily cease, but rather:

  • The course of destiny is abandoned,
  • plans are ruined,
  • miss love relationships and
  • affective ties with family and friends cease to exist due to misunderstandings.

It is necessary that you learn to apologize and do not feel ashamed in doing so, just as you must learn to accept the apologies received and put resentment aside, a negative feeling that in the long run does not lead to anything.

Rancor is the door that leads the human being immediately to hatred.  

Be receptive to advice given with good intentions

Ifá advises you to be more receptive to people who give you advice in a constructive way.

Instead of getting upset with them, listen to them and get the positive out of their words.

Seek to resolve your marital conflicts through dialogue, because verbal and physical violence will only destroy your relationship.

Make ebbó, save yourself first and then save the world

Through this odun, the religious comes to beget three children whom he must love and educate equally so that in the future one does not feel jealous of the other.

Whenever you are going to do some religious work for someone else, make sure you make ebbóBecause you may find yourself in worse conditions than the one you want to save and by chance of fate end up severely disadvantaged.

In Ogbe Yono the enemies celebrate his death

In Ogbe Yono the enemies mock the religious and make assumptions behind his back, celebrate his misfortune and sometimes even predict his death.

What they do not know is that you, even if you are going through a bad streak, will be able to overcome and move on.

Always be careful when wandering down the street to avoid falling or picking up a hex.

Do not carry weapons, avoid misfortunes.

Ifá in this sign prohibits carrying weapons of any kind, especially knives, because on the way you can run into a phenomenon and completely disgrace your life.

In this letter he does not intercede in tumultuous quarrels nor does he comment on other people's problems.

Avoid wandering the street late at night and always prefer a harsh truth to a consoling lie.

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