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Warnings of Ogunda Biode: Ifá says, warned war does not kill soldiers

Warnings Ogunda Biode

Receive Olokun because in this deity you will find:

  • I will go that I was needing so much,
  • harmony within your home and
  • health, which is the most precious treasure that any human being can possess.

The man in this Ifá must live honoring Obatala, protective deity of all heads, who is the Orisha who knows the secrets that the human mind treasures.

Always respect your elders and do not slander anyone so that your reputation is not tarnished.

1. Play music in your house and be thankful that you are alive

Have a party at your house for the jimaguas and Elegguá in order to attract iré and happiness to your life.

Play music in your house and open the windows, even on bad days because you have to be grateful for the joy of being alive and having the opportunity to be close to your family one more day.

  • Don't live regretting, because this, far from helping you, will delay you more.

2. In Ogunda Biode, cadaveric decomposition was born

In this letter the cadaveric decomposition was born, the person must take care of:

  • Suffer from ulcers and other conditions of the skin and soft tissues.

It is necessary to maintain good personal hygiene, because appearance is the first letter of introduction that one possesses, avoid wearing dirty or borrowed clothes.

Food in poor condition is not eaten because the person can become seriously ill.

3. Ifá says that warned war does not kill soldiers

  • Always have the legal issues in which you can deal with up to date.
  • Do not sign documents without reviewing them, nor delegate your responsibilities to other people.

Ifá says in Ogunda Biode that warned war does not kill soldiers, be cautious and use the warnings of the Osha to avoid being involved in unpleasant situations.

Before undertaking any battle, make ebbo so that you will be victorious.

4. You will have in life as much as you are capable of deserving

Do not tempt fate, follow the path of good so that your life is not lost or ends up wasting a promising future.

You will have in life as much as you are capable of deserving, never act out of revenge and be aware that in your path nothing will be resolved in a good way if violence is the intermediary.

  • Avoid problems with the law and be true to your word at all costs.
  • Never raise your hand to a woman if you do not want to receive the full weight of Olofin's punishment on yourself. 

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