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Warnings of Ogunda Meji: You cannot engage in hunting or fishing

Warnings Ogunda Meji

The sacred herbs in this sign are:

  • the prodigious,
  • paradise and
  • basil.

Plants with which omieros can be made to clean the house and take lustral baths.

In this sign the religious puts the Orisha Obatala a fan made with white heron feathers.

6 Tips for religious in this odun:

  1. In this odun the age and corrosion of iron was born, so the individual is instructed to go to the doctor and check his health, marking the end of alliances and agreements mediated by betrayal and interest.
  2. Orumila advises the religious to have a responsible sexual life so that both men and women do not suffer alterations of the genital organs.
  3. When this letter comes out, the person may have had a wrong determination of the guardian angel.
  4. Good luck accompaniedañaHe will worship the religious ruled by this sign as long as he knows how to make good decisions and is disciplined.
  5. Ogunda Meyi is a letter in which the person must learn religion so that he knows how to defend himself and because in the future the saint will work.
  6. Orumila advises the religious to avoid conflicts with justice, because as a result of illegalities the person loses his freedom.

Salt is one of the most important ashe in this sign

In Ogunda Meyi, salt is one of the most important ashe, because with it the person manages to scare even sorcery from their path.

The religious ruled by Ogunda Meyi has a canary in his house, through this songbird the person acquires happiness and harmony under his roof.

You cannot live imprisoned in a golden cage, where you are not happy, you must not remain, never change happiness for money.

Be patient for things to work out for you

In this Ifá Orula predicts that you will have a son who will be Oggun's protégé, this will be a blessing that the Orisha, owner of the iron, wants to send you so that you are happy.

You must always be patient in this life so that things go well for you, moderate your temper and learn to listen and you will see how everything takes its course.

Among the warnings Ogunda Meji says that the religious You cannot go hunting or fishing because you will fall behind. Look for another way of earning a living that does not involve hunting. In turn, respect the meat of hunted animals.

We share more tips about the Ogunda Meyi sign:

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