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Warnings from Ojuani Iroso: Love yourself first and then love the world

Warnings Ojuani Iroso

Odun Ojuani Iroso he warns the religious to love himself first and then to love the world.

This is an Ifá of disregard where the person does good and receives ingratitude in return, in this letter you cannot live thinking that everyone is good because in the end when people show their true face they suffer disappointments.

Ojuani Iroso describes a self-sacrificing person who seeks the good of everyone around him before his own.

When this Ifá comes out on a mat, the religious embraces

In this Ifá the mother is questioned when giving birth, because the paternity of the father of her baby is doubted.

This is a letter in which the woman raises her children practically alone and guides them on the right path.

When this Ifá comes out on a mat, the priest hugs himself, because Orula tells him with this to consider himself and that only he and the Orishas know about everything that the person has gone through in life and the sufferings with which he has had to bear. .

In his life there are three bastions: Obatalá, Shangó and Orula

In your life there are three Orishas that are a great bastion, these are Obatalá, Shangó and Orunmila, respect the advice that these Orishas offer you and know that every word they direct to you will be for your good and that of your family.

Ojuani Iroso was the odun in which the Orisha Yemayá surprised Orumila with Oshun inside a well, this is a letter in which deception and infidelity are suffered.

If you have not received Orula, you must do so so that stability comes into your life.

For osogbo the person can lose even his life

Ifá warns you in this sign to live alert because unforeseen situations can come into your life that cause the end of many things and destabilize you emotionally and economically.

Ojuani Iroso's warnings alert the religious:

  • For osogbo the person can even lose his life.
  • Be careful when crossing the street and doing everyday things that, due to lack of attention, end up representing a danger to you and your family.
  • In this Ifá a bird that sings around your house collects the osogbos that live in the ilé (home), if you have birds in your house and one dies at an early age and without any explanation, know that you have picked up a curse.

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