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17 Warnings From Ojuani Iwori That Will Change Your Path

Warnings Ojuani Iwori

Ojuani Iwori is an Ifá odun that indicates long life on the plane of the earth. In this sign, the person dies much better if he knows how to be respectful of the Orishas and learns to take care of life and not to do nonsense. in this sign it is taboo to raise your hand or disrespect them to the elderly, this is an odun where Obatalá covers the religious man with his mantle. 

1. In this Ifá the pact between day and night was born

In this Ifá in San Lázaro there is great support, the religious must receive this Orisha throughout his life, since Azojano will be the deity that leads him to success, also a product of the fact that an eggun missionary of San Lázaro walks next to the person.

In this Ifá the pact between day and night was born, so the religious partner must be racially opposed him so that together they form the perfect complement.

2. Due to greed Ojuani Iwori is lost

The religious in Ojuani Iwori is lost in greed, you must learn to make do with what you have and not wish for yourself the good fortune of others, because each one came into this world with his own star.

This Pforbidden to cross holes in this odun, because through this action the religious loses health and life, when passing a hole the religious must leave alms because by not doing so he is causing the grave to shelter him inside.

3. In this sign the religious is very stubborn

You have a very hard head and tongueIn this sign, the religious are stubborn by nature, they think they know everything about life and they don't let themselves be guided. You must learn to listen to advice so that you can gain wisdom. When you get upset, you say things you don't feel, but they end up hurting those around him.

Do not make more opponents than you have and realize that it is better to gain an ally than an enemy. In this Ifá they give Elegguá 21 corojos. If you can't keep an obligation or a promise, you should be honest with people and offer an explanation.

In this sign It is not wise to follow what does not portend victory. The awó is lost out of greed.

4. Learn to live feeling satisfied with yourself

In this Ifá the son is cursed from the womb, This odun says that during your childhood you were not totally happy and by chance you suffered from some complex or there was some situation that made you feel ashamed.

you must learn to live being fully happy and feeling satisfied with himself and with what he has been able to achieve.

5. Develop the spiritual field to evolve

Inside your spirit box an eggun mayombero manifests of foundation that completely irradiates it. You must develop the spiritual field so that it continues to evolve and become stronger. 

You have been the victim of betrayals through the mediation of friendly hands, you cannot trust anyone, offer your trust to whoever really deserves it, in this letter no one is invited into the home.

6. Their spirits will remove from the path what is not convenient

Ojuani Iwori has to take care of his heart and avoid falling because these could be deadly to your health.

When a situation or person appears in your destination that does not seem appropriate to your spirits, they will remove it from the path without you even realizing it, for that reason you must say every day Maferefún Eggun.

7. Religious separation of the godson with his elders is noted

Be selective when choosing your godparents so as not to fall into disrespect and misunderstandings. This sign warns religious separation of the godson with his elders.

You cannot use perfumes that contain a high fat content, because the bears will fall in love with this substance, do not accept gift fragrances, because in these articles they will send you curses.

8. Ojuani Iwori marks move to evolve

  • Sign marking a move and changes within the home to evolve.
  • You are a person to whom they have done him a lot of contempt and sometimes they have even made fun of you.
  • In this sign diseases are suffered endocrine-metabolic such as Diabetes and hematological.
  • This sign in women warns take care of external and internal genitalia because disorders can be suffered at an early age.
  • In this Ifá a crown is made with mariwo and 8 parrot feathers and Olokun is placed on top of him.
  • You can not get wet with rainwater because you will get sick.
  • In Ojuani Iwori you give gifts to people who deserve it, cannot reward inappropriate behaviors.

9. You must not fall into any vice

In this odun the friendship between men and women can be misinterpreted. The religious should not fall into any vice, he should not consume alcoholic beverages in excess so that he does not suffer from hot flashes.

Do not give the deeds to your house to anyone so you don't lose it. When the religious has an unbridled sexual life, he can contract sexually transmitted diseases, he is responsible so that he does not suffer this bear.

10. Some of the hardships he has suffered have been tests of faith

In this sign the person takes baths with banana from Cuba, mastic and elun to prosper in life, with the omiero of these herbs you can also clean the house.

Some of the adversities that you have suffered have been the work of your guardian angel, putting you to the test in search of verification that your faith is true, never deny your orishasfor these have freed him from many curses.

11. Do not leave orders to just anyone, be careful

This is an Ifá of dethronement and injustices, in this letter lives a porcelain doll at the feet of Oshun, which will be the representation of its guardian.

In Ojuani Iwori King Shango He left Elegguá holding the main post of the house and when he felt bored he released it, the house coming on top of him, you cannot leave great responsibilities to anyone, your go-to will be to closely supervise matters that involve third parties. Do not give orders to those who will not be able to fulfill them. 

12. Orula says that his source of wealth will demand patience

Always remember that your source of wealth will require patience, that source will be an item that people will ignore. You must Always give importance to small details.

A very popular saying of this odun is that you cannot kill a horse with a rope of herbs because you will work in vain. Have all people as friends, but take care of everyone as if they were enemies.

This is a letter where constancy should be your flag. You cannot go over the holes. Never challenge the Orishas because you will lose and you will be punished for your faults.

Loyalty and sincerity are the two virtues that you should seek in your friends, whoever does not have them will not be worthy of your trust.

13. Product of his character, he has garnered many enemies

Ifá that marks impotence in man product to disease.

You will be crowned in the Osha with sacrifice, but he will achieve it, as long as he does not despair in life he will win.

Because of your character, you have garnered many enemies. Never give in to anyone's blackmail before, have a single word and always offer the front to problems, well, although these seem immense sooner or later, they will be solved.

14. Adore Elegguá and all the Orishas equally

The warnings of Ojuani Iwori say that this is an odun where Elegguá and all the Orishas are worshiped equally and above all. they are grateful.

This letter talk about shady deals and vices, do not get involved in these so that you do not lose freedom. For your businesses to be successful they must be done only by you, in companies of this type there is your bear, because in the long run the other owners will cheat you.

15. In Ojuani Iwori the powers were distributed over the earth

They want to throw you out of your house, do ebo so that this does not happen. In Ojuani Iwori the powers of the arts, divination and war were distributed over the earth and each man became useful in the genre in which he had the greatest talent, in this sign you cannot study or work on something that you do not like like it, because you become a diamond with motivation and without it he looks as rough as coal. 

16. In this letter the person must receive Olokun

In this odun Olokun became a merchant through the mediation of the snail, you must learn the religion, because in the future you will have a religious town at your doorstep.

Receive the great orisha Olokun and through this deity many blessings will come to you, mainly health. You must be respectful and obey what the saint tells you.

17. Elegguá in this odun stole the corojo from Orumila

The mischievous orisha Elegguá in this odun stole Orumila's corojo and he complained to Olofin, enraged Olofin sentenced Elegguá to live in a corner, you cannot take any object that does not belong to you because the weight of justice will fall on you and you will be condemned to live temporarily inside a cell. This is a sign of lies and vexations.

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