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The Divine Invocations of the Virgin Mary in Cuba and the World

Invocations of the Virgin

Surely you have ever heard about an apparition of the Virgin Mary to certain people, who is usually given a different name from the Mother of God depending on certain characteristics of the apparition.

And it is that these appearances are qualified as Marian invocation or invocation of the Virgin Mary, which refers to appearances, gifts or attributes of the Virgin mother of God, in different historical or geographical circumstances.

Today the Catholic Church has numerous invocations that all signify, the appearance of the figure of the mother of Jesus or the manifestation of some of her qualities, which are worshiped in various ways and their day is even celebrated as a religious tradition. catholic.

Types of Marian Invocations

Invocations of the Virgin Mary

The Marian invocations are divided into several categories that have made it possible to name the Virgins as protectors of regions.

For example there are Invocations of Mary relating to:

The mysteries or passages of the life of the VirginImmaculate Conception,
Abstract Theological TruthsThe hope,
The charity,
The physical or psychological states of the VirginPains,
Her status as protector of humanityHelper,
the Mercedes,
the medicines
Fruits, flowers, birds among other elements used as symbols of their qualities and powersPine,
the grenade,
Geographical accidents, generally coinciding with the places where their sanctuaries and temples are locatedThe Carmen,
the Sea, Fatima,

Holy Mary, mother of God There is only one!

Marian invocations usually carry in front of their specific name, the qualification of "Santa María de", "Virgen de", "Nuestra Señora de" or "María de ..."

Today, the doctrine of the Catholic Church recognizes that Mary's invocations are ways of calling her from the biblical point of view. In other words, there is only one Virgin Mary, to whom devotion is rendered based on dissimilar names.

Invocations of the Virgin Mary in Cuba

In Cuba, the different invocations of the Virgin Mary appearing in the territory are also venerated, always within the syncretic process that achieves the mixture of cults in Cuban roots.

The people of the Island venerate the following Marian invocations:

Our Lady of Regla

Our Lady of Regla
Virgin of Regla

In Cuba, in the town of Regla, whose native name was Güaicanamar, which meant "in front of the sea," a hermitage was built with a throne of the image of the Virgin of Regla. Image that was brought from España to the island, since then she has been venerated and was proclaimed Patron Saint of the town of Regla since December 23, 1714.

In the syncretism of the Afro-Cuban religion called "Santeria" the Virgin of Regla is the Goddess Orisha Yemayá, the ruling goddess of the sea in African religions.

Our Lady of Charity of Copper

Our Lady of Charity of Copper
Virgin of Charity of Copper

According to the legends that haunt the named Patron Saint of Cuba, the Virgin of Charity of Copper, his image appeared in the year 1612 or early 1613 in the Bay of Nipe, in eastern Cuba.

It was sighted by three slaves who worked in the copper mines of the region, they are remembered as "the three Juanes."

In the typical representation of the Virgen del Cobre, the story is told by itself, the Virgin appears in the middle of bad weather with the Child Jesus in her arms while the three Juanes are below them in their rowboat.

In the Afro-Cuban religion La Caridad syncretizes with the African goddess Orisha who owns the river Oshun.

Virgen de la Candelaria

Who is the Virgin of Candelaria
Virgen de la Candelaria

The Virgen de la Candelaria arrives in Cuba as a dedication to the Virgin Mary from the Canarian emigration to the island.

She is venerated throughout Cuba, mainly in the province of Camagüey, where she is the patron saint of the city. His cult is syncretized in the Afro-Cuban religion with the Orisha Oyá, owner of the spark.

Virgin of the Rosary

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary
Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Cuba

The legend of this dedication tells, although there is no historical basis that the Virgin Mary appeared with a rosary in her hands in 1208 to Domingo de Guzmán in a chapel of the monastery of Prouilhe in France.

The virgin in this apparition has the rosary as the main element, with which she taught her to pray by keeping it in her hands and also told her to preach it among men. Offering different promises related to the rosary.

Virgin Mary and her most popular invocations in the world

How many invocations does the Virgin Mary have? Invocations to the Virgin are counted in the hundreds and each country includes liturgical celebrations for several of them. In this article we will show some of them.

For example: 

Marian Invocations in Latin America and the United States


  • Our Lady of Itati
  • Our Lady of Luján
  • Our Lady of the Consolation of Sumampa
  • Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Holy Mary of the Holy Spirit


  • Our Lady of Copacabana
  • Our Lady of Beauty
  • Virgin of the Socavón


  • Our Lady of the Aparecida Conception
  • Our Lady of the Presentation of Natal


  • Virgin of Chiquinquirá
  • Our Lady of the Assumption of Popayán
  • Our Lady of Mercies
  • Our Lady of the Rosary of Ancuya
  • Our Lady of the Holy Mary of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Rosary of Arma de Rionegro


  • Divine Infantita
  • Holy Mother of Light
  • Our Lady Immaculate of Juquila
  • Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Our Lady of the Rosary of the Ray
  • Virgen de la Candelaria

United States

  • Holy Mary of Hope Macarena
  • Our Lady the Blessed Virgin of Peace (Hawaii)

Invocations in Europe


  • Divine Shepherd of Souls
  • Divine Shepherdess of Saint Dionysus
  • Mother of God of Mercy
  • Holy Mary of Hope Macarena of Madrid
  • Our Lady of Atocha
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Nuestra Señora del Carmen
  • Our Lady of Los Dolores or Our Lady of the Volcanoes
  • Our Lady of the Kings
  • Our Lady of Bitterness
  • Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria
  • Our Lady of Solitude of the Crowned Gate
  • Our Lady of Angustias Crowned (Virgin of the Gypsies)
  • Our Lady of the Innocents, Martyrs and Forsaken
  • Our Lady of Remedies (Valencia de Alcántara)
  • Virgin of the Way
  • Virgin of the Thorn
  • Our Lady of Help


  • The Mediatrix of all Graces
  • Our Lady Knotenlöserin (Mary, she who Unties the Knots)
  • Our Lady of Schoenstatt


  • Our Lady of Laus
  • Nuestra Señora de Lourdes
  • Our Lady of Graces of the Miraculous Medal
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario


  • Madonna di Crea
  • Madonna of Tindari
  • Mother of the Eucharist
  • Holy Mother of Light
  • Our Lady of Holy Hope


  • Our Lady of Akita

United Kingdom     

  • Our Lady of Walsingham

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