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What to offer to Agayú to have Luck? Great warrior in Santeria

Agayú Solá santeria

Agayú Solá in the Rule of Osha Ifá or Santeria, is an older Orisha and father of Shangó, known and revered as the "Giant of the Osha."

En the Yoruba Pantheon the earthly forces belong to him, deity of the volcanoes and of the desert, it is the lava of the volcano deepening in the earth's crust.

Aggayú is an Osha of great respect, sometimes acts furiously like a great warrior who goes out to the battlefield. He does not like injustices, he is a great father who watches over the safety of his children.

It is the Orisha that resurfaces from the entrancesañas of the earth, from the heat that emanates from the depths, for this reason it is related to the force, to the great energy of the universe.

Aggayú is above all a very righteous Orisha who protects everyone who invokes him with love and great faith.

  • This offering (addimú) It is so that your prosperity comes with luck and abundance, and you get out of the problem that bothers you and that is an obstacle to moving forward in your life.


  • 9 salt crackers
  • White or clay plate
  • Corojo butter
  • Cocoa butter
  • 2 candles

How do we prepare an Addimú to Aggayú to achieve unfoldment?

  1. First you take the cookies, on the one hand you spread corojo butter and on the other you put cocoa butter.
  2. You place them at the foot of Aggayú, light the candles and tell him with great faith:

Aggayú I have faith and I will always be by your side.
Great benefactor of all who undertake the path.
You are my guardian and mediator to arrive with your blessing to a good destination.
I place my request at your feet and in your hands I leave it (the request is made).
Light up and clean my paths with the fire of your raging volcano.
Watch and save my walk from misfortunes.
Aggayú Solá Kinigua oggé ibbá eloní!

You will have that offering at the foot of Aggayú for 9 days and then at the end of this period you can take it to the foot of a dry tree or a ceiba.

Put a lot of faith in this ritual that is very simple but powerful, remember that in religion without faith we will not be able to achieve what we want.

We share some powerful rituals and prayers to Aggayú:

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