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10 elements of the Orisha Aggayú Solá ≫The Giant of Osha

Aggayu orisha

The giant Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon is one of the most powerful gods, Aggayú Solá, closely related to Shango y Yemaya and always praised by those who need his protection to cross rivers and roads.

Orisha characteristics:

Let's see now, 10 elements that characterize this Orisha:

1. The Orisha who covers the desert with his voice

"He who covers the desert with his voice", is the meaning from which the name of Aggayú Solá comes, the Orisha who represents the impressive natural forces that keep the Earth turning. It is he, the one who possesses the immense powers of the interior of the Earth.

2. Divinity of natural forces

Aggayú Solá is the giant of the Ocha, orisha of the dry land and deity of the desert.

The earthly forces, which belong to it, are a symbol of its immense energies, such as the power of the rivers that divide the territories, that of the lava in the earth's crust, that of the earthquakes that move it and that of the impulse that makes it rotate. .

3. Pattern of walkers

Aggayú is the patron saint of walkers and porters and is also the protector of motorists and aviators, stevedores and all who drive vehicles.

We pray to him before leaving on a trip where we have to drive, for our protection and that of those who accompany us.añan.

4. Protector of children

Aggayú is, above all, a faithful protector of young children, who like to carry on his shoulders and make them laugh and to cross them from one place to another. This is why many parents pray to the giant Orisha for the protection of their young children.

5. Aggayú, Orisha of the palm

deity that habita in the palm, that sacred tree is his refuge. From the top she watches what happens in the world and at the foot of the tree she also receives her offerings from the hands of her faithful devotees.

6. Offerings to Aggayú Solá

Aggayú Solá is offered fruits of all kinds, since he likes everything related to the earth. Other foods are also offered to him such as:

  • Eggplants
  • roasted corn crowbars
  • molasses of caña
  • birdseed
  • cookies with corojo butter.

Aggayú Solá is immolated goat, rooster, guinea fowl, jicotea and pigeons.

7. Attributes of the Orisha

Aggayú carries attributes related to his skills as a warrior of the Ocha and the powerful natural energies that represent him. Furthermore, as he is related to Chango through various patakíes, he carries attributes or tools of the god of thunder in his receptacle.

Among its attributes are:

  • Oché (red and white bipene ax, adorned with yellow, red and blue beads)
  • Oggué (two calf horns)
  • sixteen mates (rounded seeds found on the seashore).
  • the six tools of Chango are added

8. What is the Aggayú costume like?

Aggayú Solá always wears dark clothes, and is represented in the form of a giant dressed in dark red pants and jacket.

Handkerchiefs or strips of various colors hang from his waist that symbolize certain aspects of the forces of nature. Dressed like this, he takes long steps and raises his feet a lot, due to their enormous size, and lifts the children to place them on his shoulders.

9. Catholic syncretism

Aggayú syncretizes in Catholicism with the "Bearer of Christ", San Cristobal, patron of Havana. According to one of the most popular legends, Christopher was a giant who helped men cross a wide and turbulent river.

It is said that he even helped cross the baby Jesus himself, which determined his conversion to Christianity. Today, San Cristóbal is a protective symbol of Havana.

It is the one that protects travelers, sailors, carriers and boatmen. He is asked for help to cross rivers and waters. It also brings health and cures the sick.

10. Celebrations in his honor

Aggayú celebrates his day on September 26, he is entertained on altars in houses of the saint, with offerings, addimús, flowers and candles, as well as touches to invoke him to celebrate among his devotees.

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