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Shango and Aggayú: The Orishas of Fire dance without being burned by the candle

Aggayú Solá and Shango

Shangó and Aggayú Solá are Yoruba deities closely related to fire, the first dominates the embers at will, while the second is composed of burning lava, in both cases they are immune to the candle, a virtue that they manifest when they dance.

They dance with sudden movements to the beat of the music, sometimes they perform combat simulations in which they fight with machetes, axes and other defense weapons.

Tobacco, liquor and dry wine are offered to these Orishas as a sign of respect and devotion.

Shango the king of music, dance and Batá drums.

Chango dance

Kawo Sile it descends to the ground causing a great uproar, it arrives giving three turns of ram and later it bows to the drums.

This deity is partying, he is the owner of music, gowns, dance and women.

He opens his eyes as if they were going to escape his sockets, sticks out his tongue and shows his red and white ax aloft.

He usually performs virile movements in which he holds the part of his pants corresponding to his genitals with his hand.

This one jumps high, contorts violently, and is impetuous and unbridled. You can even eat candles while dancing without hurting yourself.

When Shango dance, it is forbidden to stop playing the drums, because only after he leaves should the party end.

Aggayú Solá the lava giant dances with skill.

Aggayú Solá dance

Aggayu Solá He is a very great and powerful saint, he represents the volcano and the immensity of the desert at the same time, he is a regular saint at parties and keen on good music, although partying is not within his preferences.

He is not a deity who goes down to the Bembés very frequently, whom he rides must be considered very privileged santeros.

When he comes down to earth he dances with long steps, lifts his feet and makes sudden movements against the hands of the clock, as if to overcome obstacles or to overcome great depths.

This Orisha carries the little ones around her and rides them on her shoulders as if imitating the horse game.

At other times he brandishes the ax or the machete as if he were going to war, he can manifest himself stealthily and then break with the dance. This deity is offered brandy and dry wine to refresh it, as it gets hot easily.

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